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weed is NOT gateway drug

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pEtEy_p_ct, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. sorry, this thread may seem unecesary, but it really bothers me when people refer to green as a "gateway drug". this encourages the thought that all tokers are popping pills, smokin the rock, shit that some of us, (like myself) may not even be considering. i think that people viewing weed as a gateway drug is the reason tokers gget a lot of shit and the reason people generally dont accept stoners. trust me, weed has never led me to anything other than a good fuckin time.
  2. dude i'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but couldn't you just post this in the gateway drug thread?

    no offense, but the only replies you're probably gonna get are, "i agree."
  3. To me weed is a gateway cuz without weed I would never tried acid, shrooms, etc. That's just my opinion but it's different for everybody.
  4. i dont know man but i feel the same way, im telling myself i will never do meth, i will probably just do shrooms if at all. So i think you can make it one but i dont think it is.
  5. yeah, like i said it may be a kinda stupid thread.... i, pretty high right now and im all worked up, i had to post about somethin hehe... please dont ban me for this semi stupid thread moderators.... =)
  6. haha, banning someone over a semi-stupid thread? whoa dude, what nazi board are you on? haha...
  7. never tried anything other than dank, and never will, besides alcohal ofcourse.
  8. I don't know, but for me my first recreational drug use came from hydrocodone(vicodin), I never abused it but used enough to get the opiate affects and only did it once in a while. Tried coke once and the whole experiance was a bunch of crap and never used it again.

    After those two experiances I tried weed, and realized this is what I enjoy and the others I thought were just a waste, well vics are good with weed once in a while.

    so weed was not a gateway for me but made me not want to even consider using other drugs.
  9. No it is a gateway. Not the herb itself per se, but the people you meet in order to buy the drug. You see the black market aspect of procurement makes it a gateway drug. Because you are meeting drug dealers who don't always just sell weed and they may offer you something else thus your purchasing the pot gives you the opportunity and even the impetus to try coke for example. Now if pot was legalized and you bought it from say a gas station like beer it would no longer be a gateway (it would also be easier and more efficient way to keep kids from using than those stupid anti-drug commercials). So I guess I'm the contrarian you didn't expect to show.
  10. While it may be the first illegal drug many people try, it's often not the first drug and more often it's actually the last new drug people try.

    First, most people start with caffeine, nicotine, prescriptions pills and alcohol as their first drugs. Just because they are legal does not change that they are drugs and introduce people to intoxicants.

    Also, statisitically, marijuana is a terminus drug. Basically even though some 40% of American's have tried marijuana, only a few percent ever go on to anything harder. So for the vast, vast majority of people, marijuana is the drug that stops the user from ever trying other illegal drugs.
  11. You have your opinion, we have ours.
  12. The misconseption is that stoners let weed totally control their lives and they absolutely NEED it. So the misinformed assumes that a stoner will go out searching for a better high once pot gets old. I don't agree with this. My theory is that stoners are in the company of various stronger drugs and this is how some/most get started. I feel that if you talk to most cokeheads they won't tell you that they got bored with weed so they went out searching for a more powerful high. They were probably at a party, got offered a couple free rails, and said what the hell, why not? They loved the way it made them felt and never looked back.

    That's just my theory of how it works.

  13. sorry my friend, but weed IS a gateway drug..

    before i ever smoked weed, i would have NEVER considered poping any pills, nor would the thought of tryin shrooms ever would have crossed my mind..

    but as a smoker of MJ, i have experienced a different feeling and state of mind, that i feel maybe i would like to experience others..

    so yeh Petey, weed is in fact a gateway drug.. dont bother tryin to prove otherwise.
  14. Dude, in the end it depends entirely on the willpower of the user.
  15. i totally agree that weed isnt a gateway drug. in my experience people have only said that to get you scared about trying it and shit. i will never consider trying heavy drugs that will end up just fucking up your life.
  16. I believe weed is a gateway drug for the all the reasons posted above; I completely agree.

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