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Weed is not a party drug

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GeorgeSR, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So last night we had a little kickback that soon turned into a party. Some guy was smoking a blunt and i wanted in so i took a couple hits,not a good idea. While everyone was drinking and having fun i could barely move shit turned me into a zombie. Anyway is anybody else like this was it possibly the strain or it just me?

  2. its just the way you react to the drug, weed is not for everybody :mad:
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    haha that happened to one of my friends once, but after we had a few beers. He just totally zoned out and didn't say a word for almost the rest of the party.

    It's definitely different than drinking, but I enjoy smoking at parties. Watching drunk people while you're stoned is actually quite humorous. :D

  4. well said

    watching drunk people when your stoned is hilarious!
  5. I think you can smoke too much to party. In moderation with the right people weed can be great at a party.

    But if you just smoke yourself out your mind, bad news.
  6. You smoked some indica that chilled you out. Smoke sativa at parties.
  7. It was probably a bad strain and you did too much or something. That kinda shit happens to me. If i do too much i get paranoid. If i do a certain strain i feel numb or like i cant move.

  8. i used to get paranoid at party's and shit, but it was like the first year of me smoking, now i get to the party and im like "wheres the bong?"
  9. i refuse to smoke at parties, when im smoking it needs to be with my friends who are chill with it. for some reason when i blaze at a party i just totally seize up and dont want to talk to anyone. although, like the other people said, drunk people are fucking funnnnny when your high.
  10. lol i love being soo high at parties where all i do is eat all their food and sit on the couch... a night well spent
  11. thats what im saying!!!!! i cant belive this thread is on the "seasoned tokers" forum hahah
  12. I'm assuming you're a new smoker? ....(3 posts, i have to assume something).
    Anyways, that was my first thought when i first smoked, after which i went to a club. I had some really strong stuff, probably a strong indica, like someone before me has said gives you a body high. I can't take strong indicas, i just freeze and get scared cause i can't move. Try smoking a sativa strain if you can get your hands on some- and learn to guage how high your going to get.

    To me, I love smoking at parties.....kind of.....smoking then drinking is really fun. I just have to have energy. But yeah, moderation is best.
  13. hell yeah im the same way. its an antisocial drug for me. a way for me to just sit chill and think of some cool ideas. i use the alcohol for social situations. when im too stoned in public i look like a retard.
  14. It really depends on the situation. If everyone is drinking and just me and another guy decide to blaze, its probably not the best idea. But the other night I decided not to drink and just blazed with two girls and another guy, and we had our own separate party I guess you could say. We didn't really get involved with any of the dancing or craziness that was going on, but we kicked it outside, talked about random shit, made fun of drunk people, and had a pretty good time.
  15. nothing beats ecstasy and a party
  16. imho your environment can influence you high, at least with me. If im at a concert, club, am DJing or a party and i smoke i get all pumped and loose. Sort of like drunk but without the stumbling around like and idiot and loss of inhibitions. Ive even smoked indica at a concert and danced for hours.

    If its mellow party though (i.e lots of just chilling and not much music/dancing) i dont really like to smoke cause i get all relaxed and just wanna lie on the cough and not do shit. Especially if no one else is smoking. it can be a little antisocial int hose situations.

    idk im fucking out of it. hope i made sense. lol
  17. I like smoking at parties, and I'll both drink and smoke during the course of one evening, but I won't usually get both drunk and high at the same time. I kinda bliss out and do things like lay on the carpet for an hour if I'm wasted and stoned at the same time, lol.

    Also, there are certain kinds of parties it's more fun to smoke at. A mini party at someone's apartment? Phat. At a big frat party? Maybe, if it's in somebody's bedroom or some other place away from the main party action. Although, I do have to say, you can get a really fun atmosphere going if you have a bunch of people smoking and several pieces going around and lotsa people loading bowls and drinks just as sides to the main smoking action...if you're gonna do a big smoking circle you have to do it right.
  18. Yeah i like it too. After quite a few beers a nice joint is niice. Some parties I wouldnt do it at, but it can be a party drug. Really depends on the situations definition of party!
  19. your right it isnt, more like a chillout drug.

    cocaine and alchohol is more party.

    i turn into a zombie b/c my mind and body are in two different universes, then it feels like i have to bring them back as one into "reality".
  20. for sure, then finish off the night with a blunt

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