weed IS NOT a drug

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  1. i'm tired of people saying weed is a drug

    a drug (to me) is a chemical that has been extracted and/or refined to an at least somewhat pure form by man through a chemical process of some sort

    weed need neither refinement, extraction, or some chemical procss to reach the final product

    all u need to do is grow it, put it in a bowl, and smoke it.

    that goes for shoroms, too

  2. no need for a rebuttal. You pretty much nailed it. Thats how I think of it too atleast.
  3. To me whatever alters my consciousness or my mood is a drug.
  4. This is kind of like saying, "I don't believe olive oil is a fat". It may be better for you than butter, but it's still classified as a fat.

    By dictionary definition, weed is a drug. So is pretty much anything that you consume.

    The problem isn't the classification of marijuana, it's that we've failed to approach the connotations of the word "drug" intelligently, maturely, and consistently. I have to cringe when thinking back to my earliest health class, where I remember a teacher telling us, "The word 'drug' is kind of funny, in that it's bad if you're talking about marijuana or heroin, but it's good if you're talking about medicine." Yes, because Pharma's death toll doesn't even come close to pot's.

    Anyway, our good friend Terrance McKenna explains this much better than I can.
  5. ya, face it, its a drug, who gives a fuck you druggy
  6. Drug: a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic

    Weed is a drug.
  7. Marijuana is not a drug. THC is
  8. +Plus+

  9. it sounds like by that logic smoking hash oil would make me some sort of nasty drug user lol

    i think i know what you mean..its frustrating that these natural substances get such a bad rap while there are nasty pharmaceuticals all over the place getting pushed by doctors just to keep the industry going.
  10. Weed contains compounds which are psychoactive, refinement or not. We selectively breed the crop, and chose only the best genotypes which in turn provide the best phenotypes. From this we get the most potent bud with methods only human intervention could provide.

    Like it or not, cannabis is a drug. A unique one at that.
  11. THC is a chemical.

    MJ's a drug, so what. It is not an narcotic though.
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    You need to grow it and take special care to prevent pests and disease, carefully balancing the nutrients, temperature and water.

    You need to carefully harvest the buds from the plant, making sure not to damage the trichomes.

    Drying and curing is what gets you the final product.

    Can't you just be content to think what you want, and to hell with anyone that says otherwise? Not that big of a deal, man.
  13. Umm yeah dude, it's a drug.
  14. Same, anything that changes your mental or physical perception can be considered a drug. Weed is in no way a harmful drug though.
  15. by definition, we all know its a drug...but we also know its really not a drug.
    and for everyone who said T-H-C was a drug...what about all the other lovely cannabinoids(it has a red squiggly line under it, and i know i spelled it correctly, spell check must not recognize it or somethin') that effect the outcome of our high
    like...cannabidiol(CBD), or cannabinol(CBN) or even tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V)
    personally, i like me some sativa dope with a lot of thc and little cbd...what yall prefer?

  16. Pure Indica, I loves me some couch lock weed. Come home from a hard days work, blast a cannon to your dome, and you are literally stuck to the couch untill you decide to go to sleep for the night.

    To the O.P, by definition marijuana is a drug, although a fairly harmless one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're all a bunch of fucking druggies :p

  17. 1)not refinement, but careful attention

    2)not extraction, but cultivation

    3)drying and curing is NOT a chemical process. hell it's not even a nessisary step. freshly picked buds will still get u stoned

    4)and yes, to me it's a big deal.

    i can go on for hours but i just woke up

    tired as shit

    so i'll leave it at that for now
  18. I think drying and curing is actually a chemical process
  19. Weed is a drug. It's that simple.

    You can be in denial all you want, but if you smoke pot for whatever reason, you're a drug user.

    That's not to say that you're a drug abuser though.
  20. Opinions still can't stand up against actual facts; it's a drug, whether you like it or not.

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