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Weed is like

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Astrodope, May 26, 2010.

  1. I want you guys to come up with the best metaphor for what you describe/thing of weed, I think weed is like a little piece of happiness, like you smoke it and your happy, its really that simple, Its simple superdupergoodness is amazing, God, I love weed
  2. lol

    iguess happy/forgetfullness
  3. I could really go on and on, I'm sure we all could.


    I would say weed is like climbing the biggest, tallest mountain; you're the first and you know it: take a deep breath.
  4. Weed is like a comfy blanket and a soft bed.
  5. Weed is like the sweet breath of air after breaking the surface
  6. weed is like sex. except sometimes you regret sex.
  7. weed is like the pepsi its sweet and awsome it comes in onces and it makes me feel all tingly inside
  8. Weed is like punching a nun in the face... You know it was wrong, but it felt sooo good.
  9. wow i love you both this sums it up
  10. Weed is like the creme on the inside of an oreo.
  11. weed is like a coon in a chicken pen or it makes me like a coon in a chicken pen
  12. metaphors dont use the words "like or as" lol
  13. Well, sometimes, weed is like a warm embrace from an old friend.
  14. Weed is...Wait what was I talking about?:confused:
  15. weed is the cool and relaxing breeze on a hot summer day,

    the spring in my step,

    the sparkle in a newborn child's eye,

    weed is bliss
  16. that friend you can never say "no" to.
  17. the healing of the nation

  18. I agree with this guy:wave:

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