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Weed is like jacking off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Budyyy, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Smoking Weed is like masterbation: Humans enjoyed and coexisted with both for thousands of years until some hypermoralists condemned the practices spreading lies of hairy palms, insanity, and sin when the reality is they both help induce sleep, relive stress and make you happy..

    Thoughts? fuck im high.
  2. Yeah, but jerking off doesn't make you hungry...
  3. Sounds good to me :D
  4. [quote name='"jmick"']Yeah, but jerking off doesn't make you hungry...[/quote]

    Idk how intense it gets goin in your bedroom, but it sure as fuck makes me hungry
  5. Burns calories which encourages you to eat more :smoke:
  6. Jerking off doesn't cost me $50 a week
  7. Only thanks to the internet.. back in the 80's keeping up with interracial midget porn was expensive!
  8. It seems like there's a secret evil organisation in within he world who will stop at nothing to destroy everything fun.
  9. [quote name='"Budyyy"']

    Only thanks to the internet.. back in the 80's keeping up with interracial midget porn was expensive![/quote]

    Wait... Your telling me... They have interracial midget porn?

    Where has this been my entire life?

    Now finally there is something to fill that empty void in my life.
  10. I enjoy both in moderation of course.
  11. Fucking weird lol
  12. This is what makes me appreciate the cannabis community lol.

    I agree, my man!
  13. Put them both together and you make magic.

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