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Weed is laced (no joke)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by willie199120, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys. SWIM been smoking for about 2 years and has yet to have weed that is laced. SWIM went from buying heades to buying schwag/beaster recently just to conserve money. For that Swim needed a new dealer. SWIM bought from him a couple of times and the weed was fine. Recently SWIM bought a half O of schwag at 50 bucks. When he first got the weed it was very sticky and wet!!! SWIM didnt think much of it because it was a good price. When SWIM smoked it in a vaporizer he tasted something very odd, but very faint. He thought that it was just the shitty weed. He then smoked it in a bowl and it DEFINATELY tasted different, but still had a bit of a weird taste. The weed dried and he then decided to examine it more closely and he found that it had alot of white powder on it. SWIM's not sure if this is due to mold, or do to some chemical being put into the weed. It is definately not cocaine, much smaller particles. He tasted a bit of the weed with all the white powder and it tasted very very odd. When he smokes this weed, it sort of hearts his heart and its a little bit difficult to breathe. Any ideaS?

    Edit: forgot to add that when SWIM burns the weed it burns at the tips and then stops.
  2. what the fuck

    it could be sprayed with bleach or some shit for all you know

    if anything instanly hurts your heart why even question it

  3. I would say..just dont smoke anymore of it
  4. SWIM thinks you shouldn't smoke it.
  5. sounds like SWIM is going to be in the hospital with a heart condition.
  6. SWIM should stay on the safe side and toss it, not worth fucking up your health
  7. agreed with aboves
  8. damn 50 for a half o of schwag?? ii could get a full ounce of some decent schwag for that lol. but back toy our problem. could be baking soda and water, bleach with baking soda*some do have it* or powdered sugar? lol. all i can think of that might be the problem. or its moldy. just throw it away.
  9. Could be anything, but I would start with talking to the person selling it. Yeah please don't some that cr@p, like we have to tell you

    Did you get any odd side effects, visual, mental, or otherwise? Beyond the normal ones of course ;/

  10. I'm so happy we don't do that SWIM stuff here, it just makes everything hard to read...
  11. SWIM hahaahhah
  12. What the fuck is SWIM?
  13. Someone Who Isn't Me of course. :hello:
  14. i thought it was Someone Who I Met or something like that. so stupid. just say ME! no one is going to log your IP, track you down, and arrest you because you asked someone advice if your weed is laced....
  15. Who the fuck is SWIM?
  16. stands for Someone Who Isn't Me thus making it SWIM
  17. I suggest that SWIM sell it to someone but give them fair warning that it might be laced and probably a lot more harmful to your health...

  18. i suggest you shoot your self for even thinking of telling him to sale it to someone else, wether you warn them or not
  19. HAHA I broke the blunt laughing so hard on tihs one.
  20. throw that shit away

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