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Weed Is Illegal???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AceKush, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I just heard Marijuana is ILLEGAL in Jamaica! Please tell me this can't be true! Think of the poor Rastas!
  2. Yep it is, even though it's not enforced too hard by their actual police by my understanding. It's mostly only to gain favor with the U.S why it's illegal there
  3. Story of the world, right? I wonder how many countries are itching to decriminalize or legalize but aren't just to appease this country.
  4. Yep real talk, I'm glad to be born in the U.S, but I hate how we influence so many things in the world, the negative parts anyway.
  5. The Rastas should get religious immunity to the weed laws. :p
  6. It's technically illegal all over the planet, what differs is to the extent which this ban is enforced.
  7. Wow is this U.S some sort of empire?
  8. #8 wugwan, Mar 28, 2012
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    Oh crap wrong button
  9. [quote name='"wugwan"']Wow is this U.S some sort of empire?[/quote]

    new world order holmes.
  10. Yeah, the US did that to Canada too. We were well on our way to legalizing it back in 2009 (?) and the US basically said if Canada legalized cannabis then they will stop imports of Canadian goods and restrict border crossing.
  11. Why else would Marley have to shoot the sheriff?

    Haha tokin :D
  12. Yup illegal no one believes me when I tell them that haha it's not really enforced though
  13. more like "I'll fuck you up if you even dare" lol
  14. [quote name='"wugwan"']

    more like "I'll fuck you up if you even dare" lol[/quote]

    Damn straight. Fuck the US. Said as a citizen. That's sad when your own citizens hate their own country. I'm happy as a motherfucker to live here but I hate everything about the systems and politics of this country.

    Quick Stoner Test:
    What happens if you give a politician Viagra?
  15. He'll fuck his way out of office.
  16. Fuck the law still gonna smoke
  17. haha yeah I learned this a little while ago and I just though, "No way!"
  18. Fuck the US Nuff said....
  19. [quote name='"mattstermh"']

    He'll fuck his way out of office.[/quote]


    He'll get bigger. Said by who? Does anyone know?
  20. Not for much longer, once the U.S dollar crashes so will the American empire.

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