Weed is cool?

Discussion in 'General' started by NCM, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Man why does so many people think smoking weed is "cool" is It because of rap or does anyone know why people think it makes them cool? Background: I was hanging out with this guy he seemed pretty cool at first but today he started saying saying he smoked an ounce of Dank last Saturday, this all started when I told him I smoked now ever he says revolves around obviously bullshit stories. What is up with the world?
  2. Answer to your question...yes. :cool:
  3. Don't be raggin' on me cause I can blow through an ounce a day...Why ya gotta hate, yo?:cool:
  4. Weed IS cool. It's amazing, actually. :smoke:
  5. Do you smoke weed because you thought it was un-cool??

    Does him wanting to be cool hinder your view on weed?

    He just wanted to impress someone man.

    But if you MUST know why weed is cool nowadays, it's because famous people do it. If the average teen saw Lil Wayne snorting coke as much as they saw him smoking weed, it would look cool as fuck, right?

    The people you look up to are those who influence your actions.
  6. It's a lifestyle. It's not cool or taboo, its just how some people chose to live. Don't look at it as something that makes you look "cool", but rather something that you enjoy and makes you happy.

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