Weed is changing my life

Discussion in 'General' started by CallMeWigga, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Being high is amazing. I love it, but the reason weed is so important is because of the way it makes me feel on a daily basis. I've learned(since I started smoking) to appreciate the little things, and not to stress. I love life now, my life has(in the past 6 months or so) just improved greatly. Maybe it has nothing to do with weed. But, I doubt it's a coincidence:smoke:
  2. Same here man. People say weed makes you a bum or some bullshit but being high makes me excited about doing everything. Even when sober I'm looking forward to what life holds. Dont sound like no drug to me!
  3. Happened to me as well:smoke:
  4. Yepp. Helps out so much. Its here to help :3
  5. I feel y'all,I use to really worry about what other people thought about me,had really bad self-esteem,was really inactive and had social anxiety.Now that I smoke weed I dont give a fuck what people think about me,my self-esteem has gotting better,I'm not depressed any more.I'm more active when I high and I enjoy it.And I no longer have to deal with my social anxiety.So I really don't see why weed is considered a drug,cause all it's done in my life is improve it.
  6. Yup.

    Sounds like herb alright. Enjoy...:smoke:
  7. Man I used to get pissed at the littlest things, now I laugh about the petty things in life. Weed has made me realize that most Shit we find important, were simply money wasting well-being sucking whores.

    It also helps me see through alot of common ideologies. Whenever I see or hear a commercial I can see the true purpose of there message. Money. I see through lies easier.

    I think alot of this has a fair ammount to do with a little lucy....but weed definately helped.
  8. Weed changed my life completely. Made me a better person in my mind. Made me act completely different, and happy towards the life that I live everyday.

    Right now I am sober, since I am on probation, and I have a feeling of depression again.

    It is truly amazing what one thing can do to you, and make you feel, yet still be outlawed. Dumb.
  9. I would compare my relationship with weed with a relationship with a woman. I went through the infatuation period where I thought this was the best thing that could ever happen to me.. being high opened my mind and made me think in ways I never had before. But after spending so much time with Mary Jane we didn't really get along.. anxiety.. memory loss.. laziness. The profound love I once had for her had disappeared and I realized I was using her as a crutch.. I saw myself turning into a different person and she wasn't what who I thought she was. I soon realized this beautiful woman was really the devil in a red dress.. I no longer lover her.. I just hit her up for the occasional blow job

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