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Weed is becoming too much for me..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankdogg, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Just smoked the last of my ounce i only just picked up last week... fuck me! Thats like 200$ worth of weed to my dome in only 5 days.. jesus christ.. I need a T-break i think.

    so.... JW, How much do you all smoke per week?

    .. But, at least my tolerance is so high now i no longer get nearly as anxious while baked as i used to :smoke:
  2. I smoke about the same...maybe a little less, each session is about a gram each.
    4-5 times a day more or less.
  3. Yep same as me. Almost same situation.. I buy an O (about 180-200 for me as well) and will be through it in like a week. It's also really hard to rationalize taking a break. Thank god I am going home soon so I will be taking one since my parents don't like the habit.
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    28 / 5 = 5.6. That means you smoked about 5.6 grams a day. I don't even have time to smoke that much all in one day, thats a .6 gram bowl every hour if you're awake 10 hours a day (5.6 / 10 = .56).

    I don't have $200 to spend every week just on bud, I'll usually get a quarter to last me a week. I'd like to be able to go through an ounce in a week if I had the money and time, I've got other shit to do than just smoke all the time.
  5. 4 or 5 times..i stay up about 16 hours a day. I tried to keep moderately baked the whole day.
  6. Lol. Yea lay off for a couple weeks man. I don't smoke that much anymore. Used to be a daily smoker. Like i have smoked an ounce in 4 days by myself. Joints before every meal of the day. And i'm fuckin fat. So imagine that.

    But it depends on how you like to get high. If you like to get like fucked up all day. And you have friends. I would say pitch in on an 0 every weekend. And just split it up. And then blaze all day together.

    If you like to blaze at night then just smoke a joint two hours before bed. Then you'll get high as shit but you'll be too tired to smoke more.

    If you like to smoke all day everyday then start growing. Or get a good ass job.

    You basically have to pick between smoking everyday. Or only smoking once a week. Or breaking the bank.

    And yea you need a good month man. You smoked an o in 5 days. I'm proud. But don't be stupid and keep buying weed. Your tolerance is so fucked your gonna waste mad money.

  7. Bro thats easy to smoke. Imagine a joint every time your high goes down. You pass out for like 6 hours then wake up and start smoking again. We call it summer around here.
  8. Can you afford it? Is it detrimental to other goals that you have in life?

    If you answered to the first question and no to the second, don't worry about it. If you answered anything but, step back, take a t-break, and reevaluate.

  9. seems about right, I was smoking about .5-1g every hour or so i was awake :) I can safely say i was baked for 5 days straight 24/7. But now im 200$ short :(
  10. I was referring to the OP's post but yea I don't even know if I'd like to be high all day anymore, I've done that for weeks straight but man eventually you kinda get burnt out from it.
  11. oh wow burton im a dumbass i misread your pretty baked

    *puts joint down* my apologies.
  12. I don't even smoke a lot (1/8 lasts me around 3-4 weeks) and I find it too much. That's why i'm about to have my last bowl before I go to bed right now. I can only blame myself if I fuck up from now on.

  13. Don't be too much of a stoner man. You can't smoke up all your money. You gotta practice some self control. I know its hard when you have all your bud in front of you. But think for the future. You'll never be a legit stoner if you can't help but smoke all the bud you see. Sounds contradictory but its true.
  14. lmao its all good.

    pick it back up and take some puffs for me lol
  15. its some of that baby dro
  16. #16 burtontoker, Nov 28, 2011
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    That's true, a lot of addicts will be taught in treatment that marijuana was the cause of all their problems. Thats such fucking bullshit. "Marijuana made you do that, marijuana made you do this" blah blah fucking blah. When a person is trying to be high 24/7, and it starts effecting their life and behavior negatively, they automatically blame the weed when its their own fault. Blame yourself, blame the fact that you continue to do things you know you shouldn't in order to get high. They blame marijuana for making them become a criminal, stealing to get high, selling shit, lying, etc, when its their own addiction that is doing it, not the plant. Take some responsibility for your own actions.

    Also, some people like yourself aren't daily users, and that is great for you. Some people only want to do it when its the right time and setting, while others enjoy being high as much as they can, no matter what surrounding they might be in. It's your choice how frequently you want to smoke, but if it starts negatively impacting your life, then you need to slow down.
  17. I go through about 4.5/4.6 grams a week.
  18. Not to mention, Your tolerance will be ultra-high ( no pun intended haha ), So you're basically just wasting weed.

    Get a bong, take a few days for a T-break, maybe a month for you since you smoke an 0 in a week.
    Then proceed to smoke SMALL bowls, only what you need to get stoned, do very deep inhalations, Don't waste any smoke.

    I make a few grams last me weeks if I can control myself.

    Besides, I like being buzzed all day over being GONE for only 2-4 hours.
    All in all - Self control, Be SMART with your bud, Don't just smoke up because you're bored. Take a T-break, then proceed to rip small bowls. Let it hit you!

    ( Don't smoke 10 bowls in 10 minutes because you didn't feel it. It takes half an hour to truly hit you. )

    Side note : The Sauna is a great way to detox/T-break! I've ran out of bud and gone to the sauna and come out with a nice buzz. ( Because you sweat so much , THC is stored in FAT, Fat burned = thc released ) But I've been blazing for 2-3 years straight ( Small amounts, so I have a very small tolerance )
  19. Lol what? Fuck no don't do any of this shit.

    Bong doesn't equal you getting higher. Just because you have a bong doesn't mean you can just take huge hits and get blazed.

    You are just a lightweight man.

    For people who smoke a lot that is the worst advice. If op is like me (and i think he is) then he needs to take a month off. Then smoke only a few days a week. But smoke a lot on those days. Like friday take 2 blunts to the face. Just throughout your night you know. And then saturday or sunday whichever is your chill day just smoke the rest of your bud out of your piece while you chill.

    Maybe put up 5 with someone else and smoke a blunt throughout the week. But try to keep smoking a lot to weekends.
  20. #20 FredTheBlazer, Nov 28, 2011
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    You also mentioned that a bong doesn't equal you getting higher.
    A bong gives you way more THC than "2 blunts to the face".
    However blunts give you way more smoke, which does itself have an intoxicated feeling. You want a pure high go BONG or vape.

    How is smoking less, loading smaller bowls (just enough to get buzzed/stoned) bad advice?

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