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Weed is a waste of money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Jeffersong808, Mar 24, 2012
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    Alot of my sober friends always bag on me saying i am wasting my cash on weed. What should i tell them?
  2. Tell them to fuck off and mind their own business.
  3. shut the fuck up (thats what you should tell them not saying it to you haha)
  4. Maybe buy in bulk so you don't spend as much money
  5. Tell them you are spending money on something you enjoy doing just like they spend money on things they enjoy doing. Smoking weed should be a hobby just like anything else, so don't look at it like your blowing money on drugs or make them think you are feeding an addiction. It's no different than people that spend mad money on all different kinds of wine. I'm sure they spend money on something you consider a waste too.
  6. Wedd might be a waste of money but weed is awesome :smoke:
  7. I would very much like you to stop ragging on me for spending MY money the way I see fit. I'm not telling YOU what you should be spending YOUR money on, so return the favor.

    If they backhand you with some bullshit, a good old 'shut the fuck up and mind your own business' will work.

    I do NOT get what's with the people who like to critisize others, love and tolerance for the win!
  8. automatic way to end the convo

    /Its not your money
  9. weed helps me look at things in a much more positive way, and if done right isn't expensive at all. if you an grow it yourself, and get enough to spread out then you don't have to buy any at all.

    people spend so much, and not just money, trying to fix mental problems that weed helps with. it helps you think deeply about everything, which is what leads to paranoia in some people. i'd much rather spend money on weed and internally focus on problems than spend money on a shrink or booze

  10. its not a waste if you enjoy it... by their logic any hobby is a waste of money. tell them that if money is only good for paying bills and supporting corporations you dont want it anyway.
  11. How much you spend on a shot?

    Can compare it to anything recreational really. It's a waste in the sense your spending it for some entertainment.
  12. Ask them if they would rather go to the movies for 2 hours and possibly see a trash movie, or smoke weed and be AMAZINGLY HAPPY for like 3-4 hours and then the days to come be pretty happy.
  13. Tell your sober friends to show you the thousands they're saving by not "wasting" it on weed.

    Wait, what do you mean they don't have thousands to show you? You mean...(gasp)...they spent their money on things they like to do too?


    Fucking news at 11 shocking. :rolleyes:
  14. Basically just list them the reasons why you like weed. I mean if it wasnt for weed, we'd probably be spending money getting drunk every weekend, which would ultimately cost more money lol
  15. No it's true.

    $100 worth of weed is useless in the long run.

    All the money I spent on cannabis sadden me, it could have bought me a home sooner or something of value.

    Not saying those times being were useless, it should of been free or cheap as fuck.
  16. Well if you grew your own you wouldn't be spending money on it other then the supplies and seeds/clones to begin with.
  17. You say "To each, his own"

  18. this way of thinking (induced by psychedelics) is the reason why they are illegal. Tip of day
  19. Point out shit they waste THEIR money on...then blow a puff in they face
  20. I'd tell em they're wasting cash buying food when they aint even high

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