Weed is a terrifying experiences PLEASE HELP

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  1. The first time I ever smoked weed I was with some friends and had a joint to my self, I took 4 or 5 hits from the joint and felt nothing at all and carried on taking hits, then we began to walk to a nearby party and from that point on I basically black out yet I was still walking, strange I know. The next thing I remember is coming back to reality in a very scared state, not recognising anything or anyone around me and feeling very confused, not even knowing really who I myself was. Slowly I began to remember what was happening and became used to it.

    Fast forward a month or so and me and my friends decide to try weed again, this time I'm careful to only take a few hits, this time the high is gradual and kicks in after maybe 15 minutes but has similar symptoms as before, I begin to faze out slightly and everything becomes jumbled in my head and I begin to forget my surroundings. I've tried weed a few more times after this with similar symptoms of not recognising the park I'm in or the people I'm with, most recently I took 3 hits from a joint and felt nothing for 30 minutes roughly until a massive high kicked in where I felt out of my mind completely and terrified whilst also beginning to forget my surroundings and what was happening.

    Can anybody help explain to me why I'm having such extreme effects from this weed and if this is a sign on soemthing bad.
  2. Could be bad weed, maybe you're inhaling too much smoke, try a small pipe and corner your hit. Don't overdo it, just gradually take a hit every 15 minutes until you're where you want to be. Don't imitate a rap music video in terms of how much they're smoking lol.

    Also, try a vaporizer or a bong for a clearer headed high. Otherwise, maybe it's not for you. I personally love how it can put you in another dimension.
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  3. This may come as a a surprise, but cannabis is not for everyone. Why would you want to repeat something that is a terrible experience? Want to know why most people smoke weed? Because they like smoking weed. Doing something that you don't enjoy just to fit in or fit some ideological stereotype is stupid.
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  4. Sounds like you should keep doing it as it's having a positive impact on your life.
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  5. Not being a dick but first all have you verified it's real weed and not crap? Or Maybe you are something something that has a high thc percentage??? There are different strengths and strains out there

    Maybe smoking just isn't your thing? Subconsciously your mind is telling you it dosnt want to smoke?

    Next time, try taking just one hit in the beginning and get a last hit at the end. Limit your dosage and see how you feel

    Are you moving around a lot when you smoke? Physical activity?Try sitting down and watching tv during your next session

    I would reconsider smoking if you continue to have negative effects. Don't force your body to do it, if it doesn't want to
  6. things sure have changed when i was young we seldom saw bud it was leaf or trim i suggest you try leaf new smokers can feel it while old it has no effects
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  7. It sounds like unpleasant effects from strong Sativa. I'd try to get your hands on some good indica and see if that helps, but if that persists, I would stop smoking. It flat out just does not jibe with some people, and that's okay. No point dragging yourself through feeling like that if you don't have to.

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  8. You can always get higher...

    You can't really get unhigh
  9. Maybe you're not a party kinda person. Blame it on whatever is least convenient to being wrong and do it again like a scientist would.
  10. Sounds to me like it's laced??? Or maybe even K2??? A couple questions... can you verify chain of custody from dealer to you?? Do you watch your friend roll up or are these pre rolled?

  11. You can reduce the high by eating and drinking a coffee usually works for me:smoke:
  12. Some people shouldn't use ganja. You're one of them. It happens sometimes to some people.

    If you're still set on getting high then try a single hit for the entire night, see where that gets you.
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  13. i remember when i started smoking, i was playing guild wars back in the day, i was used to the game and showed it to a friend then this was my second time smoking and i was out for like 2 hours circling around the fountain in the game while he was laughing at me.

    Weed nowaday is strong, it took me a while to appreciated the buzz.
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  14. why do you keep doing it?
  15. First few times smoking it was only amazing. The effects were great, including a few incredibly trippy experiences, such as imagining getting lost in a forest.

    The first bad experience led to several more negative ones, the worst being after smoking what mustve been a strong sativa, late at night. Hadnt touched weed for about six months and spent the rest of the night in a terrible state, eventually falling asleep at 4am...it was horrendous, but funny looking back now.

    Weed is an incredibly powerful plant; you can have the best experiences of your life or the worst.
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  16. I've never experienced some of the things you described and I've smoked for years. I've never had a "bad" cannabis high. I'd really like to try some of the stuff you're smoking. Lol.
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  17. You may have took too much or maybe you just don't like weed. But you should start out very small and work up. When I got back on it after a break such small amounts would get me blasted for the night. So don't take too much and you may enjoy it!
  18. Maybe I'm just a lightweight :passing-joint:

    Mary Jane seems to affect people differently. I know people who love and crave the paranoid as fuck high that many people fear, and others who get all mashed up and scared from small amounts.
  19. Lightweight is a possibility. Lol. Cannabis does affect everyone differently. The closest I ever came to having an experience like you described was a long time ago when I first started smoking. I was trying to keep up with my dad and his buddies and they always smoked killer stuff. I got so high that I had to go sit in the car. Lol. Every time I moved my head, it was like I was on a roller coaster. It felt like I was moving or something. Lol. I can't remember ever being that high again.
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  20. Yeah the experiences Im recalling are from the late 90s when I was a teenager haha. Was definitely a lightweight, we didnt really know what we were doing. Had no concept of indica or sativa, just used to smoke as much as possible in order to get as smashed to pieces as we could. For about the first year it was always just great fun but then ended up throwing a few whiteys. First whitey occurred from overconsuming red seal hashish, was totally obliterated for about three hours solid :pimp:

    After a hiatus now back in love with the green goddess. Cannabis is amazing, just have to know how to handle it.
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