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Weed is a gateway drug?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Jew 420, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. whats everyones thoughts/ideas on weed as a gateway drug, personally i dont think so but i have some self control, ive only smoked pot so far, but i wanna do shrooms , i have popped vikes n xanax bars but other than that nothin. i wont do hard shit like coke or meth, but wats everyones thoughts plus what drugs has everyone tried/ want to try.
  2. It is and it isn't. It is almost impossible to say whether or not after smoking weed you will be more likely to do other drugs. No scientific tests could prove something like that(to my knowledge). I would say it is a little b/c weed is most people first drug along with alcohol. The high's you get off these drugs may get you thinking about what kinda highs you can get off other drugs. Statistics, unfortunately, show us that you are much more likely to have smoked pot before doing most hardcore drugs. This, however, proves nothing.

  3. So true my brother,thats how it starts.

  4. Now we just gotta get rid of those pesky friends...

    Does smoking pot make you want to do other drugs? i cant believe that.. Its up to you if you want to or not, theres nothing in the leaves that make you want to take more drugs. Its self control. Its just that people who do harder drugs and started with marijuana soley because marijuana is the easiest drug to get and they allready were planning on moving up the drug chain to begin with..
  6. the first drug i began with was tobacco, then alcohol,then cannabis,then salvia, then truffles, haven't tried any others.

    So no i don't think weed is the gateway drug, it's up to the person's mind and their choice, just smoke alot of weed.
  7. the idea of "gateway drugs" only exists as a product of prohibition. take cannabis out of the loop and the effect disapears... especially if education system stops saying "heroin is bad, crack is bad, cannabis is bad". since cannabis is quite commonplace, its usually going to be the first ilegal substance people try, and so, if they've been told that its bad, just the same as the rest, then how are they to make an informed, reasonable decision?.
  8. If you really think about it weed isnt a gateway drug. its your decision to go to a harder grug. weed doesnt make you go to other drugs its your choice and only yours. if you do go to harder drugs that just means that weed isnt your kinda high.

  9. nope. i'm saying the whole "gateway theory" only exists as a product of prohibition.

    of course if you take one mind altering substance and like its effects then you may wish to seek out more. thats no big suprise.

    what i'm saying though, is that the WHOLE gateway thing a). exists because of prohibition (a series of causes and effects, that without prohibition would not exist) and b). created by those who created prohibition as another tool of prohibition ("cannabis is bad because it makes you take all the other drugs").

    but if you really must believe in the gateway theory not solely as a product of prohibition, then of course you must also accept alcohol and tobacco and caffiene and all the other drugs in our foods as gateway drugs too. but then... if you do so, the whole idea of prohibition falls to pieces anyway. if then all these legal substances are also gateway drugs then either they must be made ilegal too, or the reasoning behind cannabis being kept ilegal because it's a gateway drug is flawed and thyus cannabis must be made legal.

    well.. that would all be true if we lived in a fair world... but we do not live in a fair world. Facist are in control.
  10. "A gateway drug. Ha. It depends on what you would define gateway drug as."

    bill clinton , is that you?

    Well weed was defantenily my gate way drug, once you get into the culture it's real easy to do shrooms or acid or what ever.

  11. yep.

    i dont think it was ever a reason for making it ilegal, but it has become a reason for keeping it ilegal.
    silly reasons.
    even if it was a potentially lethal substance it would still be a crime to outlaw it. nothing can provide more for us than cannabis.
  12. First Drug I used was caffine
    THen I used Tobacco for four years
    Then I used Alcohol for six years
    Then I tried perscription drugs for a few months
    Then I used cannabis for 10 years
    then I tried Shrooms a handfull of times
    then I tried LSD about 6 times
    then I tried PCP once
    then I tried opium for a month
    then I Tried Cocaine 4 times
    Then I tried Ecstacy 4 times

    Then I quit using everything on this list but cannabis

    Then I finished graduate school and got my masters degree in the teaching of history

    Then I moved to Europe

    Then I began studying French language

    Then I got a job in France

    Now I still dont use anything on the above list but cannabis and I am 24

    PEACE and watch out will getting hooked on anything you try.
  13. "Or caffeine?"

    i drank cherry coke and then i smoked weed! soda should be illegal! except for caffeine free of course..
  14. Like most people have said ... It Is and It Isent

    When i first started smoking i had the same thoughts on drugs such as Crack ,Angel Dust, Ex, and so on i would "Never" do them wich i still havent today and have no intention on, But sense ive been smoking ive been wanting to try "Shrooms" and just tried 2 over the counter pill's yesterday nothing hardcore but i did try them wasent all that diffrent made me a little dizzy and threw my equallibruim off.
    But now i wouldent mind trying Zany's either my friend may be getting some and from what ive heard most stoners have taken them so im probly gonna try them. so as you can see during my time of smoking i have the same State of mind Not to try any hardcore drugs yet i am trying some of the smaller ones.

  15. techinally they are shrooms, same chemical wise but don't look like mushrooms, they are small black/grey/silver ball type shape things, well worth it.

    15 grams for £14.
  16. yea weed is the first drug youll probly try and if you like it and at your own will will you decide to try other heavier drugs. but its not like a 70% thing it just depends on how you feel about things... and im high and cocked right now
  17. its a "gateway" drug cuz its the easyest drug to get then if u like u move on to bigger shi but a lot of ppl just stick with weed but i hella wanna do shrooms but if u guys do its 1 of the biggest ppl OD on beaucse thats want ppl usely do weed and shooms but u cant OD on weed..latesss

  18. i suggest finding a new (better) reason for doing them, or just dont do them at all.

    zoney say:
    "So, yeah, for a lot of us, I'm sure, pot is a gateway drug... right?"

    well, if you want to see it like that, then yeah.
    but the status is more created out of the social circumstances.

    ..... but still... if it is so, then its still a reason FOR legalising, asuming those who make the laws actually want to stop people from shooting up and all that other crap.

    as for the OD on shrooms thing.....
    i know it is POSSABLE to OD on shrooms... but it is very difficult. you'll puke it out if you really take too much. but to OD you really need LOADS. i've only heard of rumours of people dying from shroom OD though. its almost myth.
    the thing that most people OD from is Alcohol. that could be partially because its so widespread though. the LD50 for alc is something like 4! weed doesnt really have an LD50. i've no idea what it is for psylocybin.
  19. Those of you saying it is a gateway drug, how do you account for the fact that in places where marijuana is decriminalized, there is a marked decrease in the use of cocaine and heroin? Go read erowid for a while.

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