Weed is a gateway drug? Based on my experience

Discussion in 'General' started by ReturnFire333, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Honestly weed does seem like a gateway drug to me. The more dealers you come into contact with the sooner or later one one of them pulls out a bag of unmentionables. Isn't this the definition of gateway drug? Yes obviously the user has the choice to step through the gate but doesn't this make weed a gateway drug? Gateway drug does not mean that smoking weed will cause you to consume or crave unmentionables, but that it can easily bring the possibility and availability there to many people, readily available. Isn't this gateway? Yes this would be remedied with quality dispensaries that undermine the black market, but the way the system is currently there is always a black market for cheaper product, which also accompanies unmentionables under the same roof.

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    It's only a gateway because it's illegal. You basically said that yourself with the dealer comment. If we all bought marijuana through legal dispensaries, we wouldn't be getting offered unmentionables as easily. 
    Still, I had coffee and beer and pharmaceuticals before weed.
  3. No what that means, is that your dealer is a dick, and that HE IS THE GATEWAY.
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    If you weren't buying WEED off of him, you wouldn't be exposed to unmentionables. People searching for weed opens the gateway, making weed the gateway drug.
  5. I think thats all you buddy. just cause you smoked pot and all of a sudden did other drugs doesnt mean pot led you to that. You do it willingly. if anything alcohol should be labeled the gateway drug.
  6. And if weed wasn't illegal, you wouldn't be buying anything off of him. 
    If coffee was illegal, you'd be exposed to those unmentionables every time you bought a cup of joe. 
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    Going to buy pot from my dealer and he pulled out a bag of unmetionables randomly makes weed the gateway drug.

    Who's to say that the legal market undermines the black market? Especially with home grows of high quality cannabis that people sell? Even if that point was minimilized as much as possible in that there there was only one black market weed dealer in the entire world technically weed would still be a gateway drug because that dealer exists, and my intentions were to buy cannabis and nothing more but was exposed to unmentionables because of weed.
  8. 1. i agree with the dealer argument... you buy weed from dealers... dealers often carry other product (ease of access)
    2. weed also opened my mind... i wanted to experience other forms of being... i wanted to try other stuff
    so i guess it is a gateway drug in a way but what do i know man
  9. So what if he was just selling "unmentionables" that you were buying then he pulled out a bag of weed...does that make the unmentionables a gateway drug then? 
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    I'd say that's a valid conclusion.
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    The only way I can see alcohol being a gateway drug is because alcohol is drunk as parties where people might be doing unmentionables. Weed seems more severe than alcohol for the gateway argument.
  12. There are no gateway drugs, just gateway dealers. And you don't even have to smoke weed or buy it from them to get exposed to harder drugs, any situation that puts you in contact with harder substances is technically a gateway. Parties, concerts, walking downtown, festivals, school, etc. All of these are potential gateways to harder substances, buying weed from a multi-product dealer is just one of them. It all comes down to will power. Like Nancy Fucking Reagan said... just say no. :smoking:
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    Any ways I'll be back to this thread tomorrow interested to see people's views. I've gotta get some sleep.

    Weed is a gateway though but I was going to buy weed nothing else, and was exposed. The dealer is a gateway and weed is a gateway aswell because weed led me to the dealer.
  14. But weed in and of itself isnt necessarily a gateway.

    Weed+ drug dealer with unmentionables = gateway.

    I know what you mean though man.

    I used to be a semi regular unmentionable user, but that wasnt because of my dealer. That was because a "friend" invited me over at a low point in my life and I said fuck it.

    Also neither weed nor alcohol was the first drug I tried. I was reverse gatewayed haha.

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    I think Gateway drug is the wrong term to be used..thats a little extreme. it even sounds completely stupid. it sounds like an excuse to make your self not look as bad

    im not hating on anything, im just saying. You do things willingly not cause something led to it.
  16. First off, many people mistake cannabis for being a gateway drug. There are studies showing it's not and that alcohol is the actual gateway. The only reason people might move on to taking more harder drugs than cannabis is because of the environment, drug dealer etc. If cannabis wasn't illegal and you weren't going to a drug dealer to buy it you wouldn't be trying other drugs.

    Alcohol was once illegal. So to answer your question (and you kind of answered if yourself by claiming that alcohol isn't a gateway drug): yes; legal marijuana will undermine the black market.
    I already stated that point doesn't matter, it's the fact that weed opens the possibility.
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    well the way im reading gateway drug off wiki...anything can be called a gateway drug. depends on what you do first...thats just a poor excuse on doing drugs. rofl

    I disagree. What if someone grows very high quality dispensary quality cannabis and sells it on the black market for the the cost of what the dispensary is selling their top shelf for, and also has unmentionables to sell? A private grower can sell for whatever he sees fit.

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