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Weed Intoxicant Equivalent to Alcohol Intoxicant Equivalent

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EmoSteve, May 25, 2010.

  1. What is your intoxicant equivalent ratio of weed to alcohol? To feel buzzed for me it is one bowl to 1.5 beers to two beers or one to two shots.
  2. to feel buzzed off weed - 1 decently fat bowl of mids, few hits of dank
    to feel buzzed off alcohol - 4 beers in a short time
  3. weed- 1/6 bowl of dankity dank
    beer- 3 or 4 beers
    shots- 3 or 4 shots
  4. Weed - couple of hits of mids (love having low tolerance)
    Alcohol - 4+ drinks in 1 hour, or 6 in 2
  5. im buzzed after one beer cuz i just dont drink much. Im buzzed off weed after 3-4 medium sized hits (which I know is hard to say consider people take different sized hits, but its too hard to think about what fraction of a bowl that is. 1/6 or so what that last person said sounds good to me.

    Fully drunk is like 5-6 beers, fully high as shit is maybe 1 bowl when done right. Good deep hits, holding it in right.
  6. Damn. I've never been fully high. The one time I got really really high (alaskan thunderfuck - I'll never forget it), my friend freaked out and had a paranoia attack, so I had to sober myself up. Or at least I couldn't enjoy it because I was taking care of him and he was no longer responsive to stimuli.

  7. I dont know if you are playing with the words I wrote a bit or are truly serious, but I think you are reading into what I wrote too much and not simply just looking at what I wrote. By fully I high simply meant, really really high. Like high enough its getting hard to talk and think.
  8. Weed-Depends on bud, if its dank I feel intoxicated(not extremely high though) after a hit or two. Good bud I am high off of a small bowl

    Alcohol-Haven't had enough beers to know but I can handle 3 with no intoxication at all. As far as shots, around 7 and I'm tipsy. I have a naturally high tolerance for alcohol, especially because I'm only about 5'11 and 145 lbs. Maybe thats why I prefer to toke :)
  9. I dont drink, So I have no idea

    but I know being drunk or anything with alcohol is nothing compared to marijuana IMO
  10. Weed? Fuck, what is it anymore... Just depends. Doesn't matter what grade, just depends on the plant itself. It's anywhere from a bowl to a few bowls for me to get high. It actually sucks, which is why I'm trying to take plenty of niacin nowadays. :3

    To buzz off beer it only takes me about two or three. Hard liquor, like three or four probably. I just started drinking beer recently and am surprised how much it fucks me up, especially when you mix shots of whiskey with cans of beer. o_o';

    ANYWAY. Yeah.
  11. weed- 1 hit and i feel it
    alcohol- 3-4 shots and i might feel something

    to achieve an actual decent high:
    weed- 1 bowl of mids
    alcohol- 6+ shots

    but with weed i can smoke an eighth of mids in a night, which could get me high like 10 times. on the other hand take a couple more shots past the "party zone" which is like 6-8 and not so good...
  12. Its completely different, Its all personal. There are guys who can put down a fifth and will be way less fucked up than if you gave my little sister a hit of granddaddy. and it goes the other way too.
  13. Never been there, unfortunately. Maybe I couldn't talk my first time because I was laughing so hard at the Denny's menu.

  14. this is around mine
  15. Three shots of tequila gives me a good buzz (I don't drink anything else). Usually a 1/2 gram gets me really nice and toasted with my vaporizer.
  16. A fat gravity bong rip of some dank back when I was only smoking on extremely rare occasions got me there.
  17. I smoke daily, and a gravity bong rip gets me stoned. A decent beer or two gets me feeling nice also, although the effects are completely different with alchohol and weed, obviously.
  18. I haven't smoked in a while - just been too busy too. It'll be another few weeks before I can again anyways. My tolerance will probably be zero. Maybe I'll grav it just to see. Never tried it, always seemed like too much work.
  19. same here love having a low t to

  20. Sure you get high, but I was talking about totally fucked up beyond belief, as in its hard to talk because you start to forget what you were talking about at the beginning of the sentence by the time you get to the end of the sentence.

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