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Weed into Bonnaroo

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by quitecasual, May 15, 2011.

  1. Bonnaroo is coming up soon and I was wondering if I put my stash in a locked safe in the car would the police be able to open it if they randomly checked my car
  2. Its Bonnaroo. They'll be suspicious of you if you don't have weed.
  3. As long as you aren't an idiot about it, no one will give a shit.
  4. If you don't bring drugs to a music festival you will be an outcast.
  5. cops wont randomly check your car unless you give them a reason.

    at large music festivals such as bonnaroo, cops are interested in crowd control and keeping the peace. they are not interested in peaceful stoners who just want to get high and listen to music.

    -enjoy the festival
  6. HOWEVER, at check-in, random cars are submitted for police inspections, rather than festival staff. My buddies were checked by a sherriff last year, tore up everything in their car searching, even suitcases, luckily it was all hidden behind a ceiling light that would pop out to reveal a larger compartment. If they had checked my car, We would have been busted real quick. Still hid my stuff, but I didn't have a good hiding place like that. Hide it well, just to be safe. I know it's Bonnaroo, but POLICE STILL GIVE A SHIT. Get past initial car inspection and you're golden, though.

  7. That is the concern I have. Regardless I am definitely bringing a lot (in the sense of personal use not a lot as in sell it all) So the question is where are some spots to put it in. We are taking 2 cars, A flat bed truck with 2 people in it and a mini van with 5 in it. Well technically 3 put one is my friend and her dad (Were all in college and he doesn't give a shit about anything) so that won't be used. Could use some help guys I know chances are low but I'm just trying to be as prepared as possible on this
  8. bring a chillum, roll it up in your waistband.

    roll a lot of joints, bring them in a cig pack.

  9. I was thinking of rolling and putting them in a few packs of cigs. If i had those on me they probably would not run through those huh?

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