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Weed Induced Headaches

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sunchips622, Apr 6, 2016.

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    I've was an almost daily smoker for about a year. Within the past 8 months every single time I smoke I get a bad headache. Every time. It's not bad quality weed, and it's not stems. It happens with everything too: joints, bongs, vapourizers, name it. It really sucks because I used to love smoking weed and now it's not even worth it. I've looked all over for answers but can't find anything.
    On top of that lately I get extremely paranoid now when I'm high.
    Please help. I'm really confused and I've never heard of this happening with anyone else, ever. If anyone has some insight to what's going on please let me know! I'd love to be able to smoke again.
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    Hydrate first to see if that helps and check your BP to make sure it does not spike. I know mine does with a heavy Sativa, my face gets flush and my heart speeds up.

    Not all weed is equal. Sounds like you are getting a Sativa so go get an indica strain or quit smoking altogether. Marijuana is not for everyone.

    I learned a long time ago it hurts when I get hit in the nuts so I learned to avoid that and it didn't take me 8 months to figure it out. If you are asking if others have side effects I would venture to say we all do its a matter of mitigating the ill effects to enjoy the others. I drink the shiznit out of water while smoking and I haven't had a headache. I also almost always smoke strong indicas.

    To make it even more clear my wife smokes for migraines and some sativas makes her head pound like a bass drum and seems benign to me, sativas also make her paranoid too but not me. She can smoke sativas but very little or mixed with an indica.
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  3. Stimulation of the brain and Sativas: The Motor Cortex

    Studies have shown (my own) that sativas activate the hypothalamus in such a way that cerebral cortex activity is heightened or activated. During activated episodes, increased transmission of neuron transport is stressing the "engine" of the brain, and overheating causes internal lubrication errors, which may draw the sensation of a headache. With extended use of the upper feel of sativa, the drag might distort perception of time in such a way that stretching leads to cramping, which for the brain would feel like a migraine. You may know you are high on a sativa if you: have motor mouth, twitchy muscles, or excessive amounts of euphoria and nostalgia.
  4. I used to get headaches and blamed it on weed but it's not. More often than none it is dehydration.

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  5. I drink about 3 litres a day, that's not it
  6. I drink about 3 litres a day, that's not it
  7. Hmmm normally your heart rate goes up because your blood pressure drops and your body is compensating for that loss of bp. How high does you bp get?

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