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Weed induced Anxiety

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cmclaug, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. So about a year ago I started smoking regularly and always loved it. I smoked daily for months until about a month and a half ago, never a full blunt though, always about 3/4 did what I wanted. At that point i started to cut down because my girlfriend was weird about my habits and everything and so I did. About two weeks later, I ate an edible, and it was too much for the lower tolerance that I had from not smoking daily anymore and It was the worst trip ever. I was panicked that I was going to die and then was fucked up the whole next day as well. I tried smoking the day after that again, and I got paranoid as well. Then I stopped smoking all together for a bit because I was getting ready to take a drug test. During this time I was a lot more anxious than usual (I usually never get anxious and never really understood how people could be anxious all the time) and then I started to try and smoke again. The few times that I tried I was so paranoid that I was dying, and so I tried to take another break. During this break I have had multiple panic attacks and im constantly plagued by anxiety. Last night I tried to smoke before bed because I was super calm and It ended up working me up and I thought I was dying once again, even though I know no one ever died from weed alone.
    So I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? and if there is a way to get through it without giving up weed because I really loved being high and smoking with all my friends. Thanks!
  2. Okay I have had a similar experience. After my first ever edible ( 2.5 brownies) way to much and I was loosing my shit for a bit. High for 24hrs , I was quite anxious and even felt a bit nauseous the next day. When I smoked again I put on some 90s cartoons (my happy place) and just chilled out. What you have to do is talk to your self like a mate " it's okay mate you were high as fuck and burnt out don't worry buddie just smoke tiny amounts and get your head right relax. I would smoke with a close friend that you can talk to. For example when I tried some other organic substance that I am not going to go into detail about, my friend was like if your having a shitty time "I will sort you out and everything will be okay just have him say that helped me a great deal. Just having that safety net gave me the right mind set. Don't worry your not alone here, sometimes you have to tell your self "I'm fine stop being a weird cunt"

    So the key thing here is to work things out logically in your own head. Find your happy place. Talk to a good friend, good luck :)

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  3. @cmclaug:
    You're psyching yourself out.
    The bad experience with the overly potent edible has you mentally expecting an unpleasant result when you indulge again. The mind is a powerful thing.
    Here's my advice (if you care) -
    Stop using any cannabis in any form for several weeks or even months to let the unpleasant experience fade into a distant memory. Then, if you want to try some herb again, try micro-dosing. Try just a little at a time. Find your comfort zone with it and be at peace with yourself.
    You can't die from marijuana. Remember that.
  4. Here are your choices: 1. quit weed alltogether. 2. continue to smoke or eat and tolerate the fucking anxiety attack. Don't complain. Don't question.
    The choice is yours.

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