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weed in your house

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by apapier12, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. yo guys whats up, so im going to be getting an ounce and my main problem is how to get it in my house with out my parents being like wtf is that in your pocket? help me out here blades!
  2. Rap it in your jacket
  3. put it in a bag
  4. Bag of fast food
  5. Seconded. Otherwise pick a time when your parents will be out. :smoke:
  6. It won't even be that big. Twice my guy has pulled oz out of his pocket and I didn't even realize it was there.
  7. thanks guys! i think ill wrap it in my jacket or put it in a fast food bag. i was also thinking of putting it in my school backpack but my parents pick me up after school so im not sure how i would get it before i got in the car hahaha
  8. lift your shirt up

    grab the top of your boxers and pull them (don't hurt ya dick)

    put the sack between your pulled up boxers and your skin. put the boxers above the bag so it won't fall out

    then put your shirt back down and throw on a jacket or something..

    been searched by cops plenty of times with weed there never find anything.. not an oz but still..

    good spot always keep my weed in my waist band
  9. yeah i know but it'll be big enough to be noticable and smelly enough to reek hahaha its an ounce of maui wowie straight from a dispensary!
  10. Stuff it down your pants...

    Then when they ask "whats that in your pants?"

    You can say "nothing, im just happy to see you..."

    Their confusion/concern for your weird, possibly incestous sexuality will distract them long enough for you to stash that o...
  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha this is what i will do. hahahahah
  12. Wait until they arent home.

    put it in a backpack.
  13. Your living with school...but can get a oz of Maui wowie? Don't trust everything someone tells you and how much are you payin?

  14. great job making that smart ass comment relevant.

  15. well if this post belonged in this forum you would know that.
    stick it in your pants.
  16. all depends on what characteristics of the strain are, some ounces can be huuuuge, and not easily fit into a pocket. not only that but i really hate squishing all my bud up.

    But yeah, try to jam that shit in your pocket i guess, and if you need, you can put a couple dryer sheets in there too (not in the bag! just your pocket) to try to kill the smell. they make great smell proof baggies, but i havent seen many big enough for an O.
  17. paying $270 and my brother is sending it to me from a dispensary in colorado actually hahaha nice try tho.

  18. I think you're under 18...

  19. Is he mailing it?

  20. HAHAH THATS whats my boyfriend does when he doesnt have pockets:p
    sometimes he does it with his phone or whatever hes carrying..
    great method

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