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weed in windsor, ontario

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sukar, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. the new site and the forum..i have moved to windsor, been here for a few months now. Came from montreal to study here in windsor. I was hoping to obtain some weed in windsor, however i dont want it in a shady manner. By that i mean not standing out of clubs or checking out skate parks, hoping to score a dealer. I was wondering if anyone would help me out by pointing me in the right direction or hooking me up. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There is no "non-shady manner" to buying weed. Also, people cannot hook you up, house rules dawg
  3. Your best bet is to stand by headshops and wait to see a stoner walk out and just say "hey I'm new here can you plug me?" if they aren't sketched out they'll help you out, if they are sketched out they'll probably just say "nah" and walk away, but who gives a fuck what they think? Don't let the employees know you're asking though.
  4. you all are right...there is no shady manner of buying weed...but i hoping to find a permanent source. Sure i can stand outside of a store and ask a leaving customer to hook me up, but it wont be right doing that every weekend u know. I was hoping i could find one person or few people who i can rely on.
  5. Well if you find a right person, get their number and you can continue to pickup from them.
  6. some dealer isnt just gonna knock on your door one daying asking if you need weed, your best chances are talking to as many people as possible and networking threw people
  7. you all are right...i should check out some cannabis shops here in windsor. Maybe i can ask a few people in there and take it from there
  8. i took all your recommendations...i visited a pipe store in downtown windsor, asked the person who was working inside if she knew where i could obtain some weed and she said no, even though i explained to her i was new to the city. I asked several customers leaving the store if they smoked and they all replied yes, but when i asked them where i could buy some they refused to tell me..i guess this is going to be harder then it seems
  9. Don't ask the employee's because there not allowed to sell or tell you were to get some otherwise they will get shut down/fired
  10. i thought asking them was not an issue, they could have been discrete about it..but i get your point, why risk their job to serve a customer...i did ask a few people coming out of the store and they all smoked but refuse to give me any more info
  11. Go downtown to the pipe store called Petes Pipes. Ask people outside of there. It's a pretty popular place but people might be sketched out about being asked for bud by a random.
  12. thats exactly what i did...i asked a few people outside petes pipes and i had no luck at all. There was a woman working in the store today who I asked and she didnt know where i could buy some. However i have been a man working in the store too, maybe i can ask him next time i see him in there. I think most people would be hesitant to say something to a random guy asking them for weed

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