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Weed in Tucson AZ

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sinfumar, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! I was wondering if anybody can tell me what kind of weed I can find here in Tucson? I just moved here and I don't know anybody here. There are headshops all over the university area though.

    I'm assuming that I can find a lot of mid grade from Mexico.
  2. Dank, shwag, mids, beasters.
  3. [quote name='"tinytank32"']im a student at the U of A, and need a hook up in tucson, is there anyone that could hook me up? I pay pretty good[/quote]

    Can't ask for hook ups. It won't be hard once the school year starts off.

    And op I'm in Phoenix and we get all kinds of bud. We got dank coming from California and Colorado. Mids coming from northern Arizona and shwag coming from Mexico.

    Prices for dank range from $20- $10 a gram

    Mods from $10-$5 a gram

    Shwag from $5- $2 a gram

    Should be the same way in Tuscon.
  4. Tucson: 15 a G for dank,GDP, afghan, blueberry kush, train wreck, northern lights, and few more I can't name. Welcome to the 520
  5. What's up dude welcome to the Dirty T! The stuff I get is normally high grade, about $40 for an eighth :D there is some schwag out there from Mexico too, but you can spot that shit easy lol.

    And btw people will tell you to go to Hippie Gypsy, its a cool place but that shop is overpriced and pieces are known to break.. word to the wise go to Sky on Oracle & Grant, way cheap and pretty good products. Bongs there are kinda expensive but that's about it.

    It's really easy to find bud around here haha enjoy! :smoke:
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  6. I feel like all of these are like cops or something?
  7. ehh not me.. jus tryin to find people who smoke, but there is so many people at u of a i dont know where to start.. sometimes the rec center or the union
  8. Also go to the U of A, most of my connections are from phoenix however, this semester my goal is going to be finding more local, friend here has a contact in town that I was told I would be able to hit up whenever he goes on a run, but would love to get it whenever I wanted. Just gotta get out there and meet people! And welcome to T-Town!!! :hello:
  9. thanks hopefully we can meet someone with good dank haha
  10. [​IMG]That's good stuff
  11. This is what you can get in AZ op
    That's an eighth probably only like 3 gs right there though.

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  12. [quote name='"Jamaican Hotbox"']This is what you can get in AZ op[/quote]

    That looks mighty fine, Hotbox. I'm looking forward to sampling the local flora!

  13. that looks like way more than 3 grams.

  14. Haha I'll smoke you up next year, just committed like a month ago.
  15. Welcome to AZ! We have TUNS of good nugget floating around, more so than nasty over the border brick although I try to stay clear of that shit. West of Phoenix here in sun city and just moved here awhile ago. Just find the eight person, I thought I never would and now I pay less than 80 a qt for good Humboldt genetics.
  16. *right person
  17. I'm sure I'll find the right person eventually, just moved to Tucson so it takes a little while. I've thought about trying to get a MMJ card for either my adhd or nausea caused by the adderall. I'd love to get a good prefilled Vape tank but it's a long drive to CO.
  18. Anyone have any experience with dank tanks?

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