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Weed in the Shower

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by athensman, May 14, 2011.

  1. Well okay, not in the shower with me.

    I live in an apartment and the four of us have individual bedrooms and baths and then share a common area and kitchen. Three of us smoke, one of us doesn't. And the guy that doesn't, really hates it. So, we usually all smoke in our bathrooms to avoid smelling the place up. The guy doesn't like weed, but besides that he is one of our bestfriends, so we do want to respect him. He respects us when we are high and all, and so we tryyy to return the favor. Anyways, I realized since I usually smoke in my bathroom, once I'm done smoking I leave my bud lighter and bong and all in there while I take a shower.

    Do you think it's bad for the bud if it is a mason jar? Like with the top on and screwed tightly? I was just afraid I might be getting tons and tons of moisture in it, which can cause mold/mildew.
  2. lol?
    how hard is it to just put back in your stash or whatever..

  3. It's more that I'm high and don't think about it rather than its too much work. Bc I can leave it out anywhere in my room, so all id have to do is open a door and stick it out there. IDK... I'm just super baked right now.
  4. Do you think it's bad for the bud if it is a mason jar?

    if your bud is a mason jar it is most likely bad for you!
  5. ^Totally agree....I don't think it will fuck your weed bc of the moisture....
  6. Id say as long as its covered up good then it should be ok. I actually thought the exact same thing when i smoked in my bathroom. either that, just open up a window or something, or cover up your stash with a towel, or shirt or something.

  7. *bud is IN a mason jar

    lol. you guys.:eek:
  8. youre fine if its air tight.

  9. was to funny to me I had to do it ^_^

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