Weed In The Hookah

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  1. Anyone do this before?
    I picked up a nice small hookah on vacation and I've been using and loving it, anyway today I mixed a layer of ground up bud, probably about .4-.5 grams in between layers of shisha and toked away, worked great..
    Just be aware that the weed makes more resin in the hookah and you have to clean it more frequently.
    So yeah if you've got a hookah definitely try this, its great. Or if you've already discovered this gem of a smoking method please discuss and share tips  :hello:  :smoke:
    I'll post a pic of my hookah and bowl later. I'm picking up some hash later too so I'm gonna smoke a hash/shisha bowl tonight and I'll post pics here then.. 
    Happy toking  :smoking:

  2. Some advice for the hookah smokers use a vortex or funnel bowl and just do a layer on the top of shisha Also use a natural coal such as cocos stay away from quick lights with there nasty coatings
    Also have 2 seperate hookahs since the resin with stain the hose stem and vase.
  3. Phew weed in a hookah can give even an extremely seasoned toker a knockout of a head rush. Be ready! Lol
  4. yeah definitely make sure your have the right bowl, weed burns hotter than sheesha, don't want anything breaking. I also put a layer of weed on top of the sheesha and it hit me pretty damn hard :)

    60% of the time, it works every time.


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