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Weed In The Fridge?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SaskKush, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I've heard that putting your bid In the fridge will help it stay fresh, but it also causes the THC crystals to become britel and break off. So what I did is I packed my bowl and then threw it in the fridge already in my bowl, so that if the crystals fall off they'll still be in my bowl. Is this a good idea? Or will the cold fuck up my bud

  2. i tried that once....the bowl got wet from being in the freezer. r u putting it the freezer or fridge?
  3. Good if you like dried out weed
  4. I just put mine in the fridge, and its already dry as shit so it's not hurting anything there
  5. Shit I thought I double posted but guess not. Just get a good jar man, they are the best.
  6. Ya I have a jar, just wanted to try out the fridge. I put it in there last night and ill be smoking it tomorrow after school
  7. I don't know for sure but it might be a good idea to let your bowl come up to room temp before firing it up.
  8. the jar is the best option out there overall. Try all the things you want but in the end the jar will be the easiest and best option.
  9. Ya if u smoke it right away from a freezer ( and maybe fridge) it could damage the piece from rapid changes in temperature.
  10. Unless you smoke a few bowls and you have shitty glass your actual bowl shouldn't get hot enough to break from the temp change. Unless you light it like an unmentionable from the bottom
  11. jar in a cool dark place

    fridge may too cold
  12. vaccuum sealed jar + fridge = doesn't get old
  13. I know from one sesh it won't break but over time could it? All if this is theoretical so I may be off.
  14. Well herbs and spices like fresh rosemary last much longer in the fridge so why not weed?
  15. I wouldn't..
  16. Idk about you guys but i keep mine in a Jar at room temp.. Seems to keep my buds fresh af.
  17. Yeah that works man, makes it burn slower too, in highschool we used to put our blunts in the freezer for like a half hour, they burn much slower
  18. It'll probably keep longer...

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