Weed in Switzerland?

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  1. So.. I've heard from people that weed is legal in Switzerland!
    But some others say no! So... what i'd like to know is.. is it legal or not?
    Will there be a vote on legalizing it? :confused:
    And if yes, what is the legal age? 16, 18?
  2. switzerland is separated into different cantons, think different states
    as such I believe their policies on weed are separate based on each individual canton
    but with regards to which canton has decriminalised weed, i don't know
  3. Home growing was legalized there about a year ago. If I remember right, they can grow 4 plants for personal use. No retail sales or anything.
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  4. i heard the thc content needs to be lower then 0.1% though
  5. What? Its that strict?
  6. Cannabis in Switzerland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It's quite laid back. But you still need to be careful over there.

    I'm not sure how the laws have changed. But I remember going to Switzerland about 12 years ago, maybe longer. I saw a couple of cannabis shops selling hydroponic growing equipment with what appeared to be cannabis plants growing in the front window. However, thinking back, these could have been fake imitation plants.

    I also remember the distinct smell of weed throughout the city I visited. There were people openly smoking cannabis everywhere.
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  7. i live here. we can get the plants at shops but they are baby. its 100 franc fine for smoking in front of cops. its really stupid. its like half legal. growing was legalized in my canton but according to wikipedia it was overturned by the federal government. whether weed is legal or not, the reality is no one really cares. It really depends on the canton. My canton, close to france is more strict. the german cantons have more free flowing cannabis. for example solothurn is like dank weed city, while montreux is like rip off shwag city.

    the answer to your question is half legal. we had a referendum on full legalization in 2008, where all of the swiss voted, but it was turned down like prop 19. we would have had shops and everything. i hope the next one will be very soon. anyone know when it is?

    actually TECHNICALLY on paper, it is illegal in netherlands too. if you have any more questions please ask.
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  8. its legal there. they just passed it last year.
  9. Thankyou! So it's half legal! Okay.. I personally smoke anywhere. People just don't seem to care. I smoke at shopping centers... Behind buildings.. And people see it. Haha
    Well thankyou for your comment!
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    How is the situation in Ticino? Has the federal ruling had much effect? Which canton is the most lax?
  11. Solothurn was pretty lax. The weed sucks in Vaud. Good in Geneva though.
  12. Can't ask for hookups on gc

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  13. New to the forum. I will be in Switzerland in 3 weeks and was wondering how difficult it is to find in Lucerne and Interlaken. When I was there in 2002 you could buy it in shops that advertised it as a sleep aid, but now the only retail is high CBD with a THC content of less than 1%. While that may interest some, I'm looking for something with a higher THC content... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Not looking for a hook up, just wondering how difficult it is to find now.
  14. try and do an in-depth search on this issue
  15. What is the law now?

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