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Weed in Spain

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kokopello, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hey, I have recently moved to Barcelona after living in Amsterdam for 3 years and have been trying hard to search for weed in the capital.
    I have heard people talking about Cannabis 'Clubs' were members are allowed to purchase marijuana, but have had no luck finding these places and my lack of knowledge in Spanish makes things harder.
    I have been able to get hold of weed, but it was really really bad and what we call 'bush' weed, kind of the weed that grows outdoors and has a very dark color and no nice potent aroma.
    I was just wondering if there any members living in Barcelona willing to help and show me around as well maybe, or if someone generally knows what are my best chances of finding some?
    Thanks in any case!
  2. why do u need weed in such a passionate city.
    move back to amsterdam
  3. I was just there...beautiful city

    Dude the shit is everywhere...just ask around

    Mota?? Mota? Mota?
  4. Ya I tried that, ofcourse it isnt too hard to type that in Google and come up with that result. First they will mostly sell hash not weed, and the ones that did sell weed, after purchasing it and checking it, I discovered it was some really crap weed.
    @ Transporter987S - I need weed in such a passionated city because I am a big toker. Why are you in this forum if you cannot appreciate a nice toke, especially in such a passionate city, will make everything so much nicer!
  5. how long are you actually there for?
    if its a short while you may aswell have a break and actually DO something in a sick city.

  6. Beggars can't be choosers...

    There is nothing wrong with hash, and until you have made some smoking friends there, I wouldn't expect to find too much dank weed; in continental Europe it all comes in from Morocco so it is pretty much a given that it will be hash.
  7. Im staying in valencia and I must say the weed in spain is shit. in my 6 months here i have yet to come across indoor grown. always some outdoor skunk.

    i was just in amsterdam for queens day and now i dont even want to smoke here after trying the stuff there.
  8. Well I have moved here so will be here for a while. And I can actually DO things while I am high as well, so dont know about you. Anyway I've passed by people in the streets and it smells like they are smoking some DANK homegrown, but they dont speak english when i apporach them which suks. anyway ill post and tell u when i manage to get hold of some sweet stuff hopefuly/
  9. Ive been to alcudia and the weed there is the bomb. So im sure in bigger cities if you know where to look there is dank around.
  10. Is there any member living in Barcelona here though?
  11. any member know where I can get dank in valencia?
  12. Hey, have you had any luck lately? I just moved to Barcelona as well and am in the same boat you're in.
  13. were can i get it over there do u know ?
  14. I lived there for a while. Check out the boardwalk near the clubs on the beach of Barceloneta, especially by the club Opium. The people not in club appropriate attire are holding

  15. There is a legal coffeeshop, you need to be introduced as mentioned above, but this is not a problem whatsoever nowadays, check:
  16. any updates on this. Plus is this coffeeshop feyenoord is talking about real?? the website looks fake. although, as a low-profile organisation maybe it would anyways??
  17. try a club is alot safer OCC © - Inicio - Home is in malaga if you ever down that south, i can introduce you no problem anytime. they also on facebook
  18. There are now lots of associations in Barcelona that are "legal", the best I've found is called Zion, Calle Ginebra 31. Nice people, lovely vibes and great music, cheap beer. They have options for a monthly membership for 5 euros or 20 for the year. Just ring on the bell and ask nicely and they should let you in. It's also just inbetween Barceloneta metro and the beach, so perfect to stop off on the way down or the way back...

    Don't waste your time buying on the street, they will at best rip you off and at worst rob you, becoming a member of an association takes out all the bullshit!

    Any questions just ask!
  19. Would I need an invitation ? Or just walk up and knock on the door ?

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