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weed in space

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Zylark, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. i wonder if any astronouts have ever gotten high in space. that must'a be cool :D tripping in space, floating around getting the giggles :)

    naturally you can't smoke it, but maybe smuggle aboard a few magick-brownies. saying your grandma baked them or whatever, and she's be reeaaal proud of ya if you got to take them to space.

    space-cookies in space.

    just to gaze at the stars and the earth from such a vantage point stoned off your ass...
  2. Thast would jus be so kool, i wouldn't count out someone already doing that.
  3. NASA is always looking for new wacky things to try in zero grav. Sounds like the right experiement to volunteer for!
  4. i duno though, i think they test for that shit in the beginning cus ya gotta be pretty damn healthy, i dont think you're allowed to smoke..but maybe someone could have snuck that shit in, i guess its possible but itd be someone that didnt smoke much atleast before they got tested
  5. The idea is that YOU're the EXPERIMENT, not the astronaut. Your job is to get baked while they fly....kinda like designated drivers in space.

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