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Weed in South Africa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bitpyro009, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Hello guys.

    I was wondering how much weed costs in South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town.
    Also what strains are commonly sold in Cape Town?

    Also, where do most people find weed?
    I've heard that Rastas at the beach often sell and car guards often sell too, but how safe are these options?
    Have been mugged while buying weed or has anyone ever been caught buying weed?

    And lastly, how is the weed packaged? Like is it sold in Bankies or matchboxes?

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  2. Anyone in South Africa have any input?
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  3. Wtf is a bankie? And who tf buys weed in a matchbox? Why doesn't your dealer give you weed in a baggie like a normal person?
  4. They sell it to you in a old lion king dvd case obviously.
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  5. 200-1.gif
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  6. Hi, old thread sorry, but I am from South Africa and its legal here now. But buying weed in the streets as a tourist can be dodgy, you can get ripped off hard, its better you get in touch with someone before coming here.

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  7. This was an old thread, but I will say this for the future. Going to another country looking for drugs is STUPID. Really, it is, now if you know someone there, than enjoy! It is not worth the risks and the laws in other countries can really screw you. Can't folks go on a trip without smoking some weed?
  8. South Africa made weed legal not too long ago.
    It's not a big deal asking about getting something that is legal...
  9. Its kinda funny because as soon as wrote that, I read that they legalized lol.

    However this thread was from last year and my point still stands, going into other countries to look for drugs when it is illegal (which Africa was at the time) is stupid and that person is just putting their freedom on the line :)

    Cute dog btw :D
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  10. It is legal to cultivate and use in your private capacity. Selling and buying of weed is Illigal, and you will get arrested if spotted by a cop. There a reasons behind this legal odity, as our apex court ruled that random searches of peoples property for weed is unconstitutional and an invasion of people's right to privacy.

    In South Africa, we have a legal form of search called Corden and Search, where an entire suburb block will be blocked off, and every house will be searched. This is used all the time to take your weed, and the police don't need to have proberbal cause on your personally to search. They just need to prove that drugs are a problem in the area. This was very abused, and mainly used in previously black only areas. All of this added to the courts decision

    Best thing you can do is find some good guys to smoke weed with, in a house. This is 100% legal, and a small donation towards their costs would not be breaking the law. Just give it as a gift, verbilise it incase it is a narc.

    I am in KZN, so I can only give you weed costs here. I can buy half a kilo for around 5usd, they usually come in a specially folded newspaper called a cargo. This stuff is not shit, but it's not great either. I smoke it Monday to Thursday, enjoy the buzz, but stay fairly in control. The weed is usually grown in fields wild, is polunated, so full of seeds that you will have to remove, gets no nuts, no love etc, so that effects potency. The buds are placed in the newspaper cargo from harvest and that is how they dry, so it tastes shit. Rastas on the Beach usually sell Skunk, which is way better quality. I smoke this Friday through Sunday. The price is more, it will cost you around 5usd for a single head. You can pick up a better strain from them for about 10usd that will fuck you up, make you feel that you can fly. Most of this is sold out now, so it will only be available again in March.

    Hope this helps

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