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Weed in Scotland

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eelarch, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Everywhere i see now its this rubbishy uncured moist rubbish. I used to get niiice dank =] now its rubbish =[

    Forisnstance my dealer used to have very nice stuff now its bad unless icall him and check that its good.

    is it worth jsut trying every dealer?

    Any tips on how to get nice weed?

  2. I'm from edinburgh, yeah you're right there is a shit load of moist uncured shit. Although from experience i can tell you there is also good quality herb floating around; quite pricey though. Just keep making good connects until you find some dank! :D

    Best of luck :smoking:
  3. I will keep soildering on . on my quest!

    Would you say your weed is quite consistently tasty?
  4. Hah :smoking:

    Hmm no, not all the time. I cant afford dank all the time; but when i get a legit hook up i try and buy as much of it as i can =)

  5. What about your weed..? Always moist and uncured?
  6. hmm it depends, like sometimes its really nice sometimes its the rubbish.

    iv taken to calling and just asking about it before i bother to leave the house to avoid dissapointment and wasting money you know?

    When its good is really good though but im not sure wether to bother with other dealers because they might be like "hmm new customer"

    But i could always do that in the summer when i have plenty of lazy days to spend and just be like nahh to the guys who try to sell me the rubbish stuff, plan much?
  7. I am from edinburgh too... most dealers i have been too usually have inconsistent bags, sometimes it can be good sometimes not... i remember dealing with one guy around here... never again, just a scamming twat, i am surprised he had customers. Anyway my main source had some really nice chronic, couple of hits from this and you were gone... it came up from london, i think it was just a lucky he got his hands on some great dank, only cost me an extra £10 a half ounce, he usually has mids so i just go to him because i know hes consistent... it is hard to find constantly good chronic, that day might come one day (Y) keep toking guys :smoking:
  8. Try and find a way to grow your own, people think of it as being a huge hassel here in the UK but a couple of plants in a cupboard is the easiest and most secure/reliable way to have dank the whole time !
  9. I would if i had my own place, its probably the same with alot of us here... its definately the solution to having great bud of course but some of us just cant do it.
  10. Good idea man, toke on :smokin:
  11. growings not for me, too much time needed to dedicate and ihave alot of stuff to do. but yeah good luck everyone on finding nice weeed =] thats all i gotta say people:smoking:
  12. If It Aint Scottish, IT'S CRAP!
  13. Too right Craiggers:hello:

  14. Yeah fair enough, a couple of friends of mine just planted a few of their bag seeds (after germinating at home) on Hampstead Heath (A massive park in London) in a big bush that no one will ever go into, maybe do the same?
  15. genius idea, i never get bagseed though =[ . i live right next to a woods though, so after germinating iwould definatly stick them in this nice clearing i know

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