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weed in Rodos(Greece)

Discussion in 'General' started by andis, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. I'm going to Rodos in Greece next Wednesday(8.aug) and I was wondering if anyone of you have been there and knows if there are easy to get some weed there? I sure hope so ;)

    so? any weed in Greece? ;)
  2. dunno. but in cyprus it's no problem :) so greeks smoke as well. seeing as rhodos is a major tourist destination, with loadsa hammered youths, i'd take a wild guess and say that getting hold of weed is the last of your concerns. you'll meet dealers outside and inside all the bars and disco's. not to mention the beach. oh, and buy small, so you get to check the wares out before you buy enough for the entire holliday. hope you have fun. remember sun-lotion and loadsa' champagne and beer. and rubbers :D
  3. When I went to Greece I couldn't find any ganja. I asked around a lot and no one knew where I could get nuggets. Luckily the drinking age is under 21 there so its easy to get drunk, but thats only an advantage to us 18-20 year old city dwellers.
  4. OUZO!!!!!!!!!

    get hammered.....

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