Weed (in part) has made me a better person, even professionally

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  1. Hi. Thought of sharing my experience with you.

    I´m a mid-high level executive at a big company, and have been using weed for about 3 years. At first just a bowl every other night, but currently smoking every night and sometimes a toke during the day.

    It´s been quite an experience. First i used for it´s stress relieving properties (everyday problems seem very unimportant while high, and i don´t mean to use it as an escape for real problems). Gradually i started to realize that i enjoyed everything more while high, and i mean everything: playing with my little girls, listening to music, chatting with my wife, reading a book, watching a video, etc. To sum it up, i think the effect is what i call living in the present: Be very aware of where you are now, and make the most of it. The past is just history, and the future doesn´t exist yet. And the best thing is that i don´t have to be high to do this, progressively i am more and more capable of consciously doing this while absolutely sober. I thing that there is a point when i will use weed just to relax phisically.

    I have to say that weed hasn´t been the only catalyst to this sort of personal growth, as there is also a path of self discovery that i´m constantly travelling but in recent times i´ve had some wonderful guidance. And i also have to acknowledge that maybe weed has something to do with the realization that i needed a change. Contradictory statement? Maybe, sorry, high.

    What i have also found is that on the very few occasions i have been stoned (a little stoned) at work, my performance has risen dramatically. I´m a decision maker, and the focus and clarity of mind that weed brings to my decision making process is wonderful. And again i apply the same principles while sober, so the effect is permanent and conscious.

    By all this i don´t mean to advocate for the usage of weed while at work, far from it. It´s just my experience, and applies only to me. If someone else has a similar experience i would love to hear it. Not for propaganda purposes, just for the discussion.

    There´s a lot more i want to say, but i´ll leave at here for now. If someone wants to talk about it, great!
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  2. You also gotta learn to enjoy life sober, though.

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  3. I feel the same way.

    I started smoking 10 months ago. At first it was just to get high and watch funny movies and eat pizza. But few months in I started to see it differently. Stress relief. Sleep aide. Spiritual enhancer. Motivator. Confidence booster. I took what I felt when I was high and continued to apply it while sober. Assess my stress before it starts to bubble over. Meditate more. Get what needs to be done, done. Be as confident as you are high when you're sober. My life gradually just keeps on improving, and it's because I've taken initiative and started making it better. Weed isn't the real factor that is pushing me, but it was part of the key to unlocking the drive I had within me. stI'll have much to discover and learn, but I feel that I'm on the right track.
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  4. I completely agree, it seems the more I smoke the better I do in my personal and professional life. Since smoking everyday I have been promoted twice and am awaiting a third into upper management. I have been on all types of antidepressants for years, all with mixed results. Smoking 1-2 spliffs in the evening does more for my wellbeing than any tablets and resulted in me not needing them anymore.

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  5. This.
  6. Glad you were able to see the great personal-discovery weed can lead one to experience. I know it's the only thing that makes me feel whole again within my darkest hours.

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  7. Weed is an inanimate object.

    People; who you surround yourself around and how your family raised you, this is who you have to thank and you should take the time to thank those people, rather than literally praising an inanimate object.
  8. a plant is no more an inanimate object than a person is.
  9. Even after a person/plant is hung and cured? Right...
  10. Eh, some will argue there's still a soul or aura or something there, not saying I'm one of them. I still consider it a plant in my book¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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