Weed in my french fries? (Only at McD's)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ozarka, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. OK so i come home with my steamy bag of McD's and all is good. I'm chillin on my bed watching some TV and eating my fries. I get down to the bottom half (maybe 15 fries left) and i took a bite and it tasted like straight up weed.

    Obviously i was all like WTF? so i looked at the bottom of the container and it was covered in shake.

    Needless to say i poured it all out and stashed it.

    Anyways gotta finish my work, later blades:smoke:
  2. I think you were trippin.
  3. damn,

    I would be so so fucking happy if i found a shit ton of shake in my fries

    any pics of the shake?
  4. I could post a pic up in a bit. It wasn't alot but enough for half a bowl

    I'm saving it for tomorrow morning :D

  5. if you can post a pic that would be awesome. :smoke:
  6. Hmmmmm,

    I doubt it
  7. Would not want to smoke weed that is has grease on it.
  8. Oh shit, I put that shake in there for Rocco, guess who's getting stabbed
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  9. lol who gives a shit? you wont taste it
  10. If it was through a bong I wouldn't care...
  11. dammm fer real. that's funnny

    i assumed that you were just baked. cuz you know how the most random things just happen when you are. crazy stuff. bummmmp.
  12. haha i work at mcdonalds and pretty much the entire kitchen is like 16-21 year olds so the majority toke, maybe thats why.
  13. i was just thinking of that earlier, but i forgot why. i'll get back to you on that
  14. ...and my friends always wonder why i want to go to mcdonalds.
  15. Cockroaches often taste like marijuana ;)
  16. should have taken some pics.
  17. you should've of went back for some more fries!
  18. I smell bullsh1t

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