Weed in heaven

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IzzyL420, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. After being on probation for 11 months, I haven't been able to smoke at all, and it's been HELL! I can't imagine death, and unable to smoke the great herb anymore :( hopefully they have super smooth extra crystallized weed in heaven. But If I go to hell, I hope they have some bad ass fire weed! Extra red hair with a extra burn to the throat when inhaled who's with me!?!
  2. That would be sweet!
    And I really don't doubt it, I mean god put the herb on earth so I'm sure he put it in heaven.
  3. I wouldn't worry about that mang. Heaven and hell aren't real.
  4. yea we all wish that bud..
  5. Weed in heaven.

    Alcohol in hell.
  6. Hells aboutta have that Mexican Schwag at best
  7. Fuck that. Hell's gonna have the shitiest "weed" with stems, seeds, rocks, fiberglass, dirt...oh and dont forget the tobacco

  8. And a fat load of cock.
  9. That truly is hell man. What if when you went to take a puff from a fat J in hell, it turns into a dick lol
  10. hitler's dick
  11. With explosive diarrhea.
  12. The paper of the dick joint would be a black girls ass skin.
  13. Everyone in thread gets likes!
  14. even if they had weed in heaven you would be looking for a computer because you think some angel shorted you and you trying to make a GC post
  15. If i go to heaven, and there is no ganja there, i will be so dissapointed. I'd rather try to make friends with Satan and sit down and puff his chalice pipe with him and just chill. The devils weed you know.
  16. Well neither place exists so its really a non issue...
  17. hopefully they have grinders and vapes too.

    there's weed in hell, but it doesn't get you high :devious:
  18. [quote name='"JaniceTheWhite"']I wouldn't worry about that mang. Heaven and hell aren't real.[/quote]

    Fuck off with that shit
  19. [quote name='"VeryWarmSocks"']

    Fuck off with that shit[/quote]

    Ya honestly.
  20. sorry please don't hurt me
    I apologize

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