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Weed in Hawaii

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaysForDays, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I've kind of looked for people to ask and the tourists would def say no but the natives would probably get angry at me of I did ask from what I hear. So would anyone kindly tell me a good location to ask around at would be in Honolulu or Kauai? I'm NOT asking for someone to hook me up, I know that's against the rules. I would just like a location to look around, because grasscity is pretty much my last hope.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Go to the nude beach...I forget the name but people burn chop over there some hippy guy gave a me a big ass bag of some fire just for rap battling some old white guy..good time good times aha

  3. Hahah that's dope man ill check it out
  4. I can't remember the name of the beach but it was like one beach was a non-nude area..then there was this big rock that you climbed to get to the nude beach on the other side

  5. Was it in Honolulu? Or what island?
  6. Yeah honolulu
  7. why don't you try and find Obama's old Choom gang? they gotta be there somewhere still.
  8. This actually made me laugh out loud
  9. Bump I'm in Honolulu now, any ideas?
  10. Go to a smoke shop and bring it up in conversation with people buying Swishers or whatever.
  11. the nude beach you refer to is on Maui, there are no nude beaches on Oahu.

    I was just on Maui for the week with my girl visiting from the big island and brought to much weed with me, so I was looking to hook someone up on Maui but never found anyone. I ended up bringing the rest back home.

    FYI asking for weed in a smoke shop on Oahu can be a big no-no. Some stores won't mind but some don't even like you mentioning the word bong.
    On Oahu your best bet would be to go to a beach like sandies and ask around. Locals are always blazing there. Good luck.
  12. Oh yeah it is on bad aha
  13. just play it chill and ask stoner looking people... if they say no accept it, don't let it bother you and move on to the next group of people.

    you will get it for sure

    heck you could do that here in Glasgow outside almost any shop that sells alcohol if you know who to ask!
  14. One piece of advice, is stay on point if you are asking around waikiki area at night. Lots of shady fools over there that make a living robbing tourists. Prices will probably be mega inflated in waikiki as well.

    Sandies beach on the eastside is a good place to ask around. Surfers are pretty chill. So are skateboarders. Also, try going to the University which is not very far from waikiki and asking around the dorm areas at night.

  15. Thanks a lot man, and yeah i've heard of the robbing epidemic so when I do go ask people I'll carry maybe 40$ tops. I do that whenever I go through a new dealer anyways. Is the sandies beach in waikiki? That's where I'm at.
  16. Sandies is about 25 minutes east of Waikiki. I used to surf there almost daily when I lived there.

    Its worth the trip even if you dont end up finding herb, tons of hot chicks in brazilian bikini's, which are basically just thongs, and you can watch people get thrashed in gnarly shorebreak.

    The whole eastside of oahu is really beautiful and relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of the island.

    Good luck on your quest, man. I know how much having herb can make a dope vacation into a fucking awesome one.
  17. All I gotta say is watch out for people in Waikiki and don't take weed from boys who go school at UH they shady too.
  18. you climbed to get to the nude beach on the other side[​IMG][​IMG]
  19. I need help getting weed in Oahu
  20. Do you have a phone number to any of the locals

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