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Weed in freezer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by cLo yerp, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. does keeping weed in the freezer keeps it more fresh, and that if i keep it in the freezer will i get more kief when i grind the bud?
  2. anything in the freezer will last longer, cause it freezes hahahah, but, it will make the thrichomes (kief) pretty much just fall off the nugs if you have some decent quality nugs.... you will probably end up with more kief in the bag in the freezer if you just shake it up.... when you grind it at that level of falling off, a lot of the triches will get stuck to the grinder
  3. I suggest not putting it in the frezzer. It will dry the bud out. But if you grind a lot in your grinder, stick that in the freezer for a bit, then put a penny where the ground bud is, then shake that shit, youll get loads of kief.

    But you'll still have dry bud
  4. ^^^ this guys an idiot, he said dont put it in the freeze, but put it in the freezer for a bit, i wasnt implying to store the bud in there, like i said it will freeze it, which will in turn, make it dry, but, the penny...mmm metal thats been touched by god knows how many people in your weed...mmm...use stems...they are naturally the correct dense-ness to knoch the keif off...
  5. my gf's mom always puts her weed in the freezer... i have heard some things about freezing will pop the tric's but o well i havent noticed anything.. with my wikka box and some good nug in the freezer you will get shit loads of kief
  6. ^^^ that is the best way to do it, kief box + freeze + light shake every here and there
  7. sirsog hes obviously high as fuck quit being a dick.
  8. i used to put my bud in the freezer. never had any problems with anything. was still potent and didn't notice anything negative about freezer storage.
  9. I though he was asking if he could store the weed in the freezer to keep it fresh, which would be dumb.

    And a lot of people use the method I explained. But are you seriously gonna get all germ freak over a penny? You really think anything at all is going to happen from letting a penny touch your weed?
  10. i know it just happens he posted here, right after he said something super rude in another thread (superjoints thread too and now he has -3 bars i assume from one -rep from superjoint lol) so it pissed me off....hes just being a dick

  11. If your going to bitch about what a freezer does to weed, then put a penny in it, you do realize, the freezer, isnt going to have any metal shavings on it or oxidation, use a nickel if you have to use a fucking coin, pennies are nasty and they oxidize so fast lol.......
  12. What.....

    The point I was trying to get at is, a coin will knock the kief off, he doesnt have to use a penny, its just something he can use.
  13. and the point i was making is, stems work better...and they destroy less plant matter....the coins can smash the actual plant matter into shake the size of kief, making it WAY less pure.....

  14. haha how the fuck do you have 3 bars, and get neg repped by the owner of GC, damn.[​IMG]
  15. Don't put a metal grinder in the freezer. When you take it out, condensation will form on it within seconds making everything wet and possibly causing rust. If you want to grind frozen bud, just put the bud in the freezer for a few minutes.
  16. soooo i shouldnt put my weed in the freezer?

  17. no no no not the grinder man. just the bud, or the bud in a kief box....i think freezing a grinder would be a terrible idea lol...it would shrink and expand and i bet it would loosen the teeth
  18. It really isnt that big of a deal but whatever.
  19. lol nope, but, it CAN be put in the freezer, unlike you said.... which was the point. It can be kept in the freezer in a jar...for a LONG time

  20. Yeah it keeps it more fresh, my friend had 3 zips of weed in the freezer for like 7 months and took it out it was still a good smoke.

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