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weed in different colors

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by devin313, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. i just got some purple haze and that shit was literally solid purple...is that just the strain? how does it get that color? if i mixed food coloring with all the water i watered my plant with, would it harm the plant and would it even change the color?...has anyone ever heard of this?
  2. thats the breed, purple is usually associated with better weed, although the worst weed i ever had was purple as well...

    theres no use in putting food coloring in it, just leave it be, if its purple, its purple. If not thats ok too.
  3. there are purple strains, but if it isn't a purple strain then it turned purple from stress.
  4. genetically purple strains turn purple because of their specific reaction to cool weather. some strains turn purple during flower regardless but cool temps promote the nutrient def that turns em purp

    the bad purple weed is purple because of bud rot and bud mould
    that shits nasty and bad to smoke

    you should be able to tell the difference
  5. i got this purple shit like a year and a half ago and it looked almost black it was so dark so we were all excited...but everytime we smoked we sobbed like little bitches
    but it was still dank prolly the most trichs on one fluffy little nug then ive seen anywhere else idk...it just made us cry and be horribly depressed lol well sorry that just reminded me ...but maybe if you cut it down from the base then stick it in food coloring for a while then hang it i could see it maybe working but il do it in 6 weeks and let you know lol
  6. ROFL

    never heard of any weed that makes you depressed unless the quality really sucks and still wouldn't cry. Damn, I think it might take a lot to make me cry in front of friends.
  7. apparently people do water their plants with water and food coloring! i thought it was a joke but i got some of the dankest purple and i left some pieces on my counter and they got wet and they stained my countertop purple, this stuff is no joke as you can tell from the picture plz look at my post on 420magazine at the bottom my username is bodango_kaw Weed color. - 420 Magazine the fact that the purple "leaked out" from the bud when it was left in a puddle of water disgusted me but i realized that the color was inside the stems so its not like it was sprayed with something because it's way to perfect to be sprayed. the color was from something being put in it like food coloring or koolaid packets which is still digusting but the buds literally look like the best purple you have ever seen so let me know what you guys think cuz im mind boggled by this.
  8. Ya you can use food coloring to slightly change the color of your buds. You can also use juices to change the taste i.e. orange juice or lemon juice gives it a citrus smell and tatse, but don't expect it to have the same potency as buds without them.

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