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Weed in Cozumel?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jbow1091, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Im going on a cruise here in a couple weeks, does anyone know how strict the marijuana laws are....and also can u find any good bud there without getting ripped???

    P.S. The city is not listed on webehigh.co so dont refer me to it lol
  2. Go to webehigh.com. They can help you out!:smoke:
  3. Mexico is a sketchy place to be especially lately. I'd watch out with who you ask for bud over there, you never know what you could be getting into.

    It's funny that you tell people not to say webehigh.com and the first post refers you right to them haha

    I'd say ask the guys who sell bowls.
  4. I would DEFINITELY stay away from drugs in cozumel. The drug cartel's have made life hell down there. People have no problem kidnapping and excuting tourists to show their loyalty to the gang. Instead of sketchin around bake it into some muffins or something and bring it with. Mexico customs is a joke.

  5. No joke didnt see a drug dog when I went to Mexico last march on the way there or back. they dont care about bringin shit in they just dont want u takin drugs out baked.
  6. Hahaha, I didn't see that P.S. Sorry about that!:smoke:

    But I agree, I heard some crazy shit is happening in Mexico.
  7. 1) As far as Marijuana laws go, don't expect to be caught. Plan ahead, don't worry about laws if your sneaky enough.

    2) I wouldn't buy drugs down there, I would sneak them through customs, just don't be sketch, haha.
  8. The trouble is, there are people all over Mexico (all over the world, probably, but definitely there) who will sell you a bag of bud, then turn you over to the cops for a payoff, knowing that if you're smart you'll pay off the cops rather than go to lockup.

    I wouldn't chance it. If you meet some fellow travellers who've been around a little while and know what's cool and what's not, then maybe you can make it happen. I haven't travelled around Mexico since the mid 90's, but this was a fairly common scenario back then and I can't imagine it's gone away. I met a few local people who smoked me up when they were burning one themselves, and I never felt like that was much of a risk, but buying & holding? Scary. I met a couple of guys who got into a situation in -- Cozumel, in fact -- where they had bought a fairly big amount, like a pound, and had to run from their palapa in the early morning hours, abandoning everything but the clothes they were in, including their big brick of dope in the palm thatch roof, to get away from the police when they came for them.

    Go, have a good time, smoke what comes along, but don't expose yourself to unnecessary risk. The possible downside is very, very bad -- like, extortion for every cent the people back home can raise for you, i.e. mom and dad spend their retirement working at Wal-Mart because of your lack of judgment -- or prison, or dead.

  9. Yeah joke was the wrong word but its waaay more lax on the way in vs out.:)
  10. Definitely not worth it. You can find bud easily, it is like Jamaica or the Bahamas if you have been to either, just ask some one at the bar, and they will hook you up. However, with all the drug cartels, and all the crazies going on at the borders right now, I wouldn't risk any of that. The drug lords don't like Americans, so who said they wouldn't put rat poison shavings in your bud, or some Ajax in your cocaine. I would go the week, or however long without smoking, it isn't worth it.
  11. when i went to the mayan riviera (hotel grand sirenis) i met a couple people there who asked the bell boy to go into town and get him some weed and they did it no problem..just ask for the good shit and youll pay more for little :smoke:
  12. I wouldn't risk is bro, just enjoy your cruise without maryjane. If you try to buy down there it can be very easy, but if you buy from the wrong person you can end up in mexico prison, or worse, hurt or dead. Granted all the voilence is on the border but it doesn't mean there isn't crazy drug ring shit happening all over the country.

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