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Weed in Colorado????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thirtythreetwenties, May 31, 2018.

  1. I realize this title may confuse many of you but hear me out. I am going to visit Colorado with a couple of friends this winter and we are all trying to get some of that sweet sweet legal bud. Thing is we all turned 20 during the spring and none of us have any means of purchasing at a dispensary since none of us are 21.

    Main question here is where can I find people who will buy it for me, or even growers i can just buy straight from? Any resturants or smoke shops we can hit up to find some connections/dealers?

    Thanks and fuck being 20.
  2. That sucks ass. Lol

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  3. Dude you can buy cannabis online. Just make sure you setup a VPN before you do it.

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  4. I don’t know you could try the craigslist thing? Uh maybe just go to an 18+ club and get to know someone willing to do it.. unfortunately i see it all the time
    Or come to CO when your 21

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  5. Dude if you can find weed in a illegal state you can do the same thing in a legal state much easier
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  6. Weird thread .
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  7. Have you never tried to buy alcohol from outside a bottle shop???

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  8. What's a bottle shop? lol you must live in Australia. We just call them liquor stores.
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  9. I think I like "bottle shop" better. :dance2:
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  10. Wait till you turn 21. The weed is still illegal in co if you’re under 21!
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  11. Yea, save your money and go next year and smoke twice as much.
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  12. I know it sounds mean, and I think 18 should be the legal age for consumption of alcohol and such, but it is true.

    It’s not legal weed for y’all yet bud, but you’re close. Enjoy being young. It starts going by faster and faster. The excitement of being 21 wears off pretty quick.

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