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Weed in China?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by stankypanky, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Do you guys think that the people of China smoke bud? What kind of weed do you think they get?
  2. Hell yeah dude. Where do you think it came from? They've been smoking it for thousands of years. Around 6000 BCE hemp seeds were used as food in China. By 2727 BCE, the Chinese documented the use of cannabis as a medication to treat a variety of health problems. They later grew the plant on a large scale for food and fiber.

    Haven't you seen Anthony Bourdain: No Resorvations... They have pizza places called "Happy Pizza" they deliver it right to your hotel room.
  3. You are completely fucked if you get caught with weed in China, that's all I know.
  4. Hell they done smoked so much it fucked up there genetics and now they all have the high squinty eye syndrome..

    And no...thats not racist at all

  5. Racist :D
  6. I'm pretty sure they have their methods of using it over there.

  7. Ya don't think they don't have bowls and bongs, "china glass".
  8. yeah they do... they have really crappy weed, but they usually use imported crap hash from like nepal or india or somewhere like that.
  9. It grows wild all over the place there, even on sides of roads. So, yes, I'm sure people there smoke. Of course, they have other things there that are the most widely used, but we can't mention those.
  10. People everywhere smoke pot. It's Pot! :smoke:
  11. Does anyone know where to get weed in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China?
  12. I tend to put the phrase "Weed in China" into the same category as "Snowball in Hell".

    Same syntactic rules apply.
  13. Well personally experienced (kinda), I live in Hong Kong, which is right next to China.

    We have regular blades just like everywhere else in the world!
  14. Cities like Chengdu will definitely have it... but will be hard to find and expensive, much like the rest of China.
    Very illegal there to smoke it, but it grows everywhere in rural regions, keep a look out for them

  15. Haha are you kidding? nepal has been growing cannabis for quite a while, some might even say they even have it down as a science. you go to a temple in nepal and they have weed that will make you see god.

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