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    weed in brazil is very popular among almost nearly all groups of people, perhaps only not with the oldest, at least not as much as with adults and the younger. there is also a christian group which considers it wrong, and of course, does not use it. that is a significant portion of the population.
    power gathered by churches in brazil, specifically evangelical ones, much more than the catholic church, tries to heavily influence in brazilian politics, as far as having an official "commission" dedicated to pursuing the interests and positions of our clergy: the evangelical churches, who are inaugurating a huge temple, by far the biggest construction around, and having president Dilma Rousseff for the first ceremony.
    along with the other conservative forces, especially the ideology reminiscent from the dictatorship just 50 years ago, and a never-ending sense of homophobia and racism, it's very easy for those against marijuana to take control and block the way for legalization. there is really no good reason but the complete ignorance advocated by these parties.
    one other group that comes about, although more discreetly, is psychiatry. whereas psychology professionals will often flat-out support legalization, vehemently criticize São Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin for using forcefull treatment of crack cocaine addicts, psychiatrists are often saying nonsense about pot, as if it were dangerous or something, and supporting the forceful treatment of crack cocaine addicts.
    weed is sold in parangas. a paranga ranges from 5 to 10 brazilian reais, which are 2.20 to 4,40. a paranga will vary in size, wielding from 2 to 4 thick joints. some extraordinary parangas do exist and they can wield 5 joints, sometimes for 5 BRL (2.19 dollars), which is 1 BRL (43 cents per joint) for each joint. some places will even peak at 20 for a small paranga, particularly downtown ("centro"). weed is cheapest in favelas and periferias (neighbourhoods where working and unemployed people live).
    among young people and non-religious adults, weed is something taken as sometimes funny, sometimes OK, sometimes with a certain fear, but of a kind that comes simply from prohibitionist propaganda and things other people tell you.
    the movement for the legalization of weed is very strong. an annual rally is held in many towns, and users are very politicized. universities, particularly USP, have professors who very openly stand for legalization.
    marijuana is a constant part of leftist culture in brazil. along with cocaine and lsd, it forms the three most consumed drugs, but marijuana is certainly the most widespread. some people don't use it, but they are very fine with it and stand firmly for legalization. everyone treats weed as something cultural and normal, for example, if you are at the Humanities faculty in a public university.
    people will constantly say they want to cultivate their own. I imagine that legalization will turn Brazil into a huge cannabis field. 
    almost everyone smoke on rolling papers which by now are being sold at gas stations already. as consumption increases, people are starting more and more to buy bongs -- a lot of people still don't know what bongs are. people roll joints with no filter, often not even with a piece of cardboard to smoke at -- just paper. some people do roll more elaborate joints.
    cannabis is growing more and more popular and legalization is imminent. there is lobby from capitalists interested in the business in our congress already.
    how is weed in your country?

  2. dude i agree with you in some parts but... parangas? no way
    weed here is sold by grams, at least here in Florianopolis
    and yeah joints are the way to go, sometimes a blunt
    where are you from?

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