Weed in blackpool

Discussion in 'General' started by WeeJengus, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Thinking of going to Blackpool but don't want to have to take a ounce or so through Glasgow central and not got a car to drive there :( So wondering what the weed/hash is like in Blackpool and if it's easy for a (tourist) to get, thanks :)

  2. Blackpool is grim go Amsterdam and you won't have to worry about taking weed..
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  3. i would take yir ain its shite stuff doon here

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  4. Get a kilner jar and you're good
  5. I have a mason jar but dogs will probbaly get a wiff of weed of me possibly from clothes/hair mabye even sweat I'm no expert on this haha
  6. I've never seen dogs at Glasgow central or any other train station in the UK. Take it in a jar and you'll be fine.

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  7. Yeah or get a coach
  8. I was at central couple weeks ago and there was dogs, have never seen them before there though I do want to be careful as don't want to be caught with that amount of bud.
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