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weed in a empty pill bottle?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Russian Roulett, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I put my herb about an 1/8 of some extremely potent stuff, and I mean really really potent, like it's got crystals popping out of crystals and it smokes really nice, and get me hella high. I put it in a pill bottle in dark cool place, and I heard it gets more potent but it also get really dry. How long can my herb stay fresh? Thanks dudes.
  2. The idea behind putting it in a sealed container in a dark cool place is to cure the bud. If it has alot of crystals already it may already be cured from the grower or whoever. Basically just open it up to get some fresh air once a day and you should be fine. It shouldn't dry out that quickly in a sealed container. Its when you have it in a open baggie or something that it'll dry out fast.
  3. orange peel man, itll fluff up any bud.
  4. How long can it stay fresh and the same potency, inside the bottle?
    I also use lemon and orange peels put em in once every 2 days for about 2 hours.
  5. what if u keep ur weed inside a grinder, when i get my weed i grind it all up and then just let it sit on the screen
  6. i personally dont like to do this if i can avoid it, it makes my weed seem to go so much quicker. but yeah, do that if you got a stash you dont hit up much.
  7. i heard a slice of any smelly fruit works
  8. ya and it also causes mold to grow on ur weed....

  9. No.

    Bacteria causes mold to grow on your weed. As that IS what mold actually is. The only thing the peel will do is offer moisture for the bud to absorb. I use tangerines sometimes instead of oranges.

    Take a fresh tangerine from the fridge and slice it. Rip a hunk of the peel off and put it directly in the container with the weed. Do not run water over it beforehand. A lot of people only leave it in there for 20 minutes for some reason. There's nothing wrong with leaving it in there all night, I've done it plenty of times. Just make sure you take it from a freshly cut one.

    Also, it doesn't have to be some kind of fruit. Anything that holds and can release water for the bud to absorb will work. You could leave your bud in the crisper with carrots, celery, and lettuce and it would have the same effect.
  10. Mold is actually fungus.
  11. fungus/mold needs moisture to grow, and by putting moisture (fruit peel) in a closed container, one is inviting nasty molds to grow...

  12. And fungus is simply a very large colony of bacteria. Large enough to be visible to the naked eye.
  13. well isnt a fungus in a completely different kingdom of life, fungi?

  14. Its difference is in how its classified by the scientific world. The type of fungus that would be growing on bud is obviously not the same type of fungus as a mushroom. Fungus that grows on bud is really just a very big colony of bacteria. Most of the time that mold is found on bud its because wherever the bud came from, it probably was condensed into bales like hay, and then it probably sat in a container for about a month during a process of shipping, processing, and distributing.

    The only reason mold should be growing on your bag bud with an orange peel is if you left it in there a for a VERY long time and it was dark and warm. I'm not saying that mold won't grow period, but damn it would have be there for so long. Most people get into their stash at least once a day if not more so they have no real fear of it.

    Seriously though if you're worried just toss it in the crisper with some lettuce. Works even better than an orange peel.
  15. The growth of mold on weed as actually caused by fungi, and fungi IS what mold actually is. Anyway the reason orange peels cause mold to grow is because a moist, warm, dark environment is optimal condition for mold to grow in.
  16. Thought this was about pill bottles not fungus wtf lol
  17. If you want to dry your bud farther, putting it in a wooden box for a few hours seems to work fine.
  18. its not going to get more potent if you put it in a sealed container in a cool dark place. it will help to keep it fresh. and bud doesnt really lose potency i dont believe. just gets dryer.

    also, as stated, careful putting fruit and shit with your bud, the extra moisture can cause it to mold for sure... personally, ill smoke it if its dry or moist. dont matter, youll still get just as high. dryer bud burns faster and also tastes a little more harsh tho
  19. I do this everytime i cop just to make sure my weed is in a properly sealed air tight environment i open it up when i roll up somethin and let it sit open the whole time sometimes a little longer a question i do have is this though if putting weed in the light kills thc or so ive heard is that only when its in its growing stages or does it still apply even after its been dryed and cured properly

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