Weed improves my life / and makes me smarter?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pablo3C, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. When I smoke my hash spliffs, or whenever I'm high,
    i get very very focused in everything i do, makes me able to do anything 10times better,
    for example I'm a programmer, and when i code while high i make awesome shit!
    Awesome shit from scratch! I just start coding and without doing any research at all it all starts coming to me and i then i end up with awesome projects and new ideas for making money, projects that would take me 1-3 days takes 1-3 hours instead, also when i smoke my pupils dont get bigger, they get very contracted, like super focus or something like that i don't know, when i read my eyes read the text really fast and i understand the text clearly, feels like cheating and its great!

    Also I can see this is having an impact in my life, It changed my personality alot and because of that i don't socialize much with my family and friends anymore, but i can socialize just fine with new/different people..

    But it seems to be making my life in prove in some other ways..
    Look at the events that happened lately in my life:

    1º Was in School (Didn't smoke weed) and was always poor
    2º Was in School (Didn't smoke weed) and made alot of money (16 years old) with adsense..
    3º Money ended..And after being poor for 3 years straight: Was in the internship of my programming course (Started Smoking Weed)
    4º Internship ended, they liked me very much, hired me, got a job for 4 months (smoking weed the whole time winning 540euros a month) And I was very depressed..
    5º Decided to leave the job without saying a thing to anyone (not even my boss)
    6º Stayed 5 months without a job being poor and smoking weed once or twice a month
    7º Was too poor even to buy weed (I live with my mom - 19yo)
    8º Since I sobered up for good (cause of lack of money),sent some CVs and got a JOB (not smoking weed at the time)
    9º Now I get over 900 euros a month (19 yr old, that just got out of a course, so luck or weed?) (smoking again)

    And keeps improving it seems, but its like, I Smoke alot --> Hangover for days --> Sober up / Recover for a few weeks --> My life improves / I learn alot, I use it for work, then recover for some weeks to come back even smarter/improved, Idk it's weird, also time seems to go by really fast while sober...

    What do you guys think of this seriously? What are are you stories?

    I'm high as fuark
  2. I wouldn't doubt it. Just as there are some studies that kill brain cells, there are a lot they say marijuana helps your brain neurologically.
  3. I don't know if it's just in my head but i feel the same way. Like I used to be really depressed and anxious about anything I did but I got a job and started smoking now I'm not really anxious at all and I'm always going out which is stuff I normally wouldn't do. I also get into a zone which is really productive like doing yard work or working out like I'm able to push myself easier almost if that makes sense?

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  4. Makes total sense to me, I thought I was the only one sometimes even thought I was going crazy or something ahah
  5. Haha I was thinking the same thing I've just recently started smoking this regularly and I've noticed a big change but I didn't know if that was possible lol

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  6. Honestly I wouldn't make it a habbit of smoking because the feeling is awsome. After a while your going to want to smoke all the time because it makes everything better and you work better and by then it won't be as great anymore
  7. i think this is probably correct, i can slightly relate to this,but I still love it hehe

    Well, I guess weed can be really powerful in changing your reality, can take you to the heavens if you use it right but for the wrong reasons it can bring you down alot in life, it has the power to change for good or worse :love-mj2:
  8. I'll take what hes smoking.

  9. Cheap hash, you can get them anywhere on random streets in Portugal.

    I don't recommend. :passing-joint:
  10. But it makes you go limitless!
  11. Yep. For those who watch Limitless, now you know, Weed is the real life pill.
  12. Cannabis is a catalyst. When an enzyme catalyzes a reaction, the rate of reaction speeds up. If you are smart, you may become smarter while high. If you are talented, you may be more so while high. If you are introverted, you may be more shy while high...
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  13. I guarantee you it is not making you smarter. May make you think more before answering though. How ever it can make life way stressful and is a great anger suppressant. Every time I get upset I hit my mflb vape a couple times and forget what was pissing me off.

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  14. this is interesting to think about

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  15. You realize weed is different for everybody right? ...
  16. But...of course it does.

  17. Did you skip all your English classes in college?
  18. English is not my main language, why don't you point out what I wrote incorrectly instead of just being a bitch :icgreen:
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  19. came home, mom was bitchin about how she couldnt watch the hawks game, thought about throwin my shit in my jeep and leavin, took a swig of tincture, now idgas.
  20. Education will make you actually smarter. Weed will make you think you're smarter.

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