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Weed hot chocolate?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Gods bud, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. This guy had an awesome idea of hot chocolate instead of tea and you basically just summer milk and weed.
    The only thing I'm wondering is will it smell? A lot or a little ?

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  2. I make weed hot chocolate all the time in my dorm room at college and I've never had a problem with smell. I put the weed in a strainer and just steep it in hot/heated up whole milk (with chocolate sauce obvi) for a good 10-20 min. Usually kicks in within an hour and a half. But my friend recently made it in her room and it smelled a lot because it wasn't good quality weed. I would say not it does not smell endless you have shitty weed then it might
  3. gonna ask my dealer about this when decembers here.
  4. yeah I was skeptical about it to
  5. I've made this before once by putting a bunch of ground up powdery nug into a heated blender with hot coco and the result was delicious. Didn't have that much bud at the time, so it wasn't as strong, but you could def feel the effects at least a little. Cool experience, I'd try it again sometime.

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