Weed = higher chance of AIDs?

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  1. If you use marijuana a lot, you could start to lose energy and lose interest in how you look and how you're getting along at school or work. In addition, there is a strong link between drug use and unsafe sex and the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

    Are you fucking kidding me?
  2. No, just weed relives the symptoms of aids, thus lots of people who have aids use cannabis as a medicine.
  3. Seriously, I hear you can get HIV so easy just sharing a pot syringe. IT'S A DANGEROUS DRUG PEOPLE! WAKE UP TO THE REEFER MADNESS!
  4. A pot syringe? Get me one of those! Talk about an insane high :p
  5. [quote name='"jimbobbybob"']A pot syringe? Get me one of those! Talk about an insane high :p[/quote]

    Hmm I wonder what would happen if you injected Cannaoil..
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    Prolly die of heart failure or some crazy shit. :laughing:

    No really though, pretty sure AIDS patients = HIGHER CHANCE OF WEED!

    Edit: No more claps. I have no claps for aids. sorry for that. I feel 'tupid.
  7. not soluble, so yeah man, you'd die ;) in great pain with no high! :)
  8. Yeah its 100% true. Weed=AIDS
  9. If that's true, then AIDS=Weed...so can we smoke AIDS to get high?
  10. Yesterday my friend wanted to share a blunt and he had a blister, I wad like shit nooo bro :(
  11. Hurp durp propaganda
  12. that is kinda pushing it linking it to HIV through crazy obscure steps.
  13. lol i like how the bust out the "smoking weed leads to higher chances of unprotected sex"

    i guess these guys have never been drunk.... and that shit is legal

    argument invalid
  14. Theres also a huge link between weed and junk food sales....

    Potato chips anyone?

    If you start smoking weed your grandma could become the worlds best racecar driver and somehow get accepted by NASA as an astronaut where she could fly into space, meet an illegal alien and get space aids.

    Yeah, the links between shit is an interesting concept.

    Bandcamp and vaginaitis go hand in hand....err, body part.....doh!
  15. "Using marijuana is against the law, and if you think breaking the law is a big deal, then you shouldn't smoke marijuana."
  16. You can't help but laugh at stupidity.
  17. [quote name='"shaddytheman"']You can't help but laugh at stupidity.[/quote]

    I don't laugh at stupidity, I feel bad for people who are still living the lie that propoganda birthed here....

    Like.... when I come across people who try and argue weed is unhealthy and shit, and I bust out facts and medical journals and shit and then I see the look of pure confusion on their face... I just feel bad for them.... its like their whole understanding is flopped upside down hahahah
  18. Smoking marijuana leads to an increased risk of HIV/AIDS infection, this is a fact I saw.
  19. I can see the truth in this... If I smoke too much wax or oil, then pass out and get anally raped by someone with AIDs.
  20. There is PROBABLY a strong link, just a correlation not a cause-effect. Be honest, just like the correlation with drinking alcohol and violence, it isn't always the case but it is still a correlation. The issue isn't the report it is the paranoid mindset that it means all smokers do it, knowing what they mean is enough to not even stress it.

    Also the term drug includes things that impair judgement (or that are used by already 'risky' impulsive types) like alcohol and heroin.

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