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Weed Hangover Stories

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by alexxasf, May 9, 2015.

  1. So this morning I woke up in a tent with a throbbing headache and smelling like bong water, and its really making me wonder if everyones weed hangovers are as bad as mine.

    Just a word of advice, eating helps a lottt.
  2. Idk about hangover but I've fallen asleep on a plate covered in pancake syrup haha cheers

    -Your point is as pointless as describing colors to a blind man.-
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    i bet it was partly due to waking up in a tent, lol
  4. What's a weed hangover?

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  5. when you smoke a few too many bowls the night before and you wake up the next morning feeling horrible
  6. As long as your pants are not down by your knees it's all good.....
  7. Smoking can give you bad headaches if you don't stay hydrated. I've noticed I get those "weed hangovers" when I smoke a lot and go to sleep without ever really drinking anything. Same goes for when I wake and bake. If I'm running late in the AM I smoke get ready and go and skip breakfast, and usually by my lunch hour i have a headache (that goes away after eating/drinking)
  8. No I was being totally sarcastic cause that doesn't exist at all. I've smoked very heavily every day for over the past 10 years and don't get "weed hangovers." Maybe I'm a little fuzzy headed after a long day of burning bowls with a butane lighter and inhaling and coughing up smoke, but that doesn't constitute as a hangover. And also mostly not due to the weed itself but smoking methods etc...

    Sounds like a little kid thing to be cool.. "Wooaahh bros I hit so many bongs last night I'm hanging so hard.."

    Now there's a whole thread for stories of weed hangovers? Way to be mature guys, that'll totally give us stoners an even better name.

    Go drink a bottle a whiskey and we'll trade hangover stories all day.

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    Usualy hwn its good stuff I wake up fked up even the other day, I play some loud trap music, gucci mane stuff, and I act stupid.
    Yo once when I was younger I wanted to take cigs with me to school but I was so stoned even the other day that the cigs were like only1/3 in my pocket and my dad saw them and he goes Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm and Im like what the fuck Oh damn
    THe other I wanted to make myself some coffee in the coffee thing but I forget to put water there so I just heated up the coffee beans or what that stuff is called haha
    but thats just some stoner like stories right
  10. No such thing weed doesn't give hangovers don't be a sensitive Nancyboy. Blaze another one in the morning if your little head hurts and continue the party.
  11. "oh no, not again..."
  12. So because YOU have never had a weed hangover means no one else can smoke too much and experience a weed hangover?
  13. Hangovers are for alkies. Get a job, loser.
  14. Yes that's exactly what it means. Weird you had to ask seeing is that I stated that completely in my other post.

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  15. Lol Fail.
  16. Lol success.

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  17. I had a nice edible hangover. I woke up stoned the next morning. :D
  18. I've never felt anything like a hangover from weed. 
  19. Flyfisher don't know he's drunk. Such a loser.
  20. Almost forgot what thread I was reading......[​IMG]

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