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Weed hangover/Next day after high effects cure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zroc, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Take a shower to wake up , always helps.

    Next time, don't go to bed still baked

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  2. I used to get this when i started smoking. I had job with some friends where we wouldnt finish working until 2am sometimes. The once we got back to a friends house we would smoke like a quarter between like 5 of us and just end up passing out at like 330am. then we would wake up at like 8 still pretty buzzed. It goes away after u smoke for a while.
  3. I've noticed this too when I'm in a habit of smoking on a daily basis.  I wake up the next day still stoned from the night before, where basically I wake up feeling exhausted and can't stop laughing.  I think it just means you still have a lot of cannabinoids left in your system but drinking coffee in the morning does help. 
  4. I get this too sometimes, but I honestly like it. It's like a hangover with all the bad things cut out. I just feel some leftover relaxation, for lack of better words. 
    But it differs a lot based on what and how much I have ingested. For example if I have only smoked a pipe I will barely feel anything the day after, but if I have eaten a generous portion of BHO edibles, I will feel like a sloth the entire next day ;)
  5. happened to me a couple weeks ago.
    i smoked a lot the night before and it was awesome. then i woke up fairly early the next day to check the waves to go surfing with my friend. the waves were sooo good. we were walking back to our house and i started to notice that my thoughts were kind of trailing off when i was talking to my friend. i didn't really think too much of it then. so we grabbed our boards, put our wetsuits on (40 degree water brr), and left our house and went straight to the beach. i usually have a bit of trouble putting my wetsuit on, but this time i was having A LOT of trouble. we jumped in the water and paddled out to find some of the best surfers in my state. i started talking to them and i can't even remember what i was saying, all i know is that i was trailing off really bad and talking nonsense basically. it was pretty embarrassing.
  6. They're referred to as, Dankovers :D

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  7. When did the feeling leave
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    Prob don’t remember since it was 5 yrs ago. Dude should of did a wake n bake with a sativa

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