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Weed hangover/Next day after high effects cure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zroc, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. I started smoking 2 months ago and I enjoy it. I don't smoke everyday because there is something that bothers me a lot. It's the next day after smoking. I don't feel like throwing up, no headaches, nothing related to alcohol hangovers. I just feel like I'm still high when I'm actually not. I feel really slow, I don't caption things fast and I just feel like my mind is somewhere else. When I fall asleep high I usually get this. It doesn't wear off until 24 hours after I get high.

    Anyone know how to get rid of this faster? I mean I don't mind this feeling but I don't enjoy going to work like this. Which this is kinda killing it for me.
  2. I only get that if I smoke a lot. I think it's a tolorence thing

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  3. You are actually still high, just drink some coffee and eat some breakfast and it'll go away. That's what I usually do.
  4. Weed hangover? Never had one.
  5. Sounds like your still high
  6. I definitly got this when I started smoking, I would wake up definitly knowin I had smoked the night before. The only other times this happens is when I take edibles, which is likely just the edibles still workin the next day haha. Happy tokin'!
  7. I smoked last night again and I woke up today like normal. I worked normally and everything. The thing I did different was that I smoked a bit less. I still got high but I smoked less. Does this mean it's a tolerance problem.

    I'm really hoping the answer is yes.

  8. I'm thinking its a tolerance thing. When I used to wake up the day after when i first started I would always feel so... Dull... all the time and it never really cleared up till like 5 hours afterwards lol. But that was a while ago. I would say after i started smoking frequently maybe a few weeks after that I have always been waking up just fine now and feeling usually better than I went to sleep feeling. haha :smoking:
  9. 500mg-1,000mg of L-Tyrosine really helps out for mental clarity & focus. It also helps for a clean, stimulat free energy.

  10. If you're old enough to drink, you probably had to go through a learning phase of knowing when to slow down, when to stop.
    Weed, in my opinion, is no different. Don't be too ambitious. Take a hit, stamp out your cherry and wait 10-15 minutes. Are you good or can you get higher? Take a hit. Wait 10-15 min etc etc and fine tune your high.
    I guarantee you every veteran blade here knows, gibbertake the quality of the bud, what they need to get blazed.
  11. That happens to me too..but what it is i think is when you smoke a lot day/night before/go to sleep high you wake up sober....but your mind has flip flopped the two and now sober is your new high and being high is a new sober/alternate conscience. So if you were to wake and bake youd feel high for a bit then just feel normal again....your brain has to get used to being sober again
  12. Enjoy that shit, stoneovers are the closest state to bliss.
  13. Do you exercise at all? I never really got "hangovers" from weed, but there are some days where I feel like that regardless if I smoked or not the night before. I recommend getting some exercise in the morning and getting your heart rate up, then eating a good breakfast, nothing too heavy. That's just good advice for anyone, though.
    Like some other people said here, too, don't go all out trying to smoke as much as you can. I used to smoke a few bowls in the evening, but anymore I just use a dugout or vape a little bit. No need to be pushing your limits everyday. I think newer users tend to test the limits. Some people never seem to get out of that phase, though. Just experiment and see what works for you. Maybe smoking weed just on the weekends is more up your alley. Glad you are trying to be responsible with it. Props.
  14. i get them all the time :(
  15. i get the same thing, it's a lot to do with tolerance and how much you smoke, it does feel good thoughhaha, but don't worry I'm sure most people experience that, just smoke earlier so you come down earlier or smoke less
  16. Weed hangover? What is that

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  17. Well just to update you guys (after more than a year I haven't logged in)
    It ended up being a tolerance thing. I posted this around march last year and I would get high as fuck with one swisher of reggie lol. Like really blown that I could feel it the next day which is why i posted here. Fast foward in that same year, I moved on from that and wasn't getting hangovers anymore from weed.  After my 21st b day Then I was smoking 2 swishers of reggie and I was feeling good. I moved up to dro around June and it was a blast, and still hangover free. Till December 2013 I was almost smoking 2 grams of dro a day. No joke. It would get me high as fuck everytime and when I used to try reggie it would do nothing to me. No effect. I would finish a swisher of reggie and it would feel like I smoked a ciggarate or some shit. Just a very small buzz, the type where your not high but your not tense at all. So I know my problem was a tolerance thing. I went from getting super super feel the next day high/buzz/hangover from a nick sack to smoking about 2 grams a day with homies hotboxing the impala.
    Since Feb 15 of this year I have not smoked at all. Its been a little over 2 months without smoking weed for me. I didn't stop because I had problems or anything but I just thought it was time for a break. I got my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last november and I was blazing throughout my white belt life. It was an amazing feeling being blown and sparring. Just being blown in general. But this break was needed.
    I don't bash anybody who smokes weed. The herb is amazing and it really made me a better person and helped me overcome a lot of mental inclarities I had before I smoked weed. I just need this break because I really want to take other things in my life seriously. And for now, weed is just not needed in this period of my time right now.
    I hope this helps anybody out there who is starting to smoke weed and wonders why they feel so slow in the beggining lol. It's all tolerance.
  18. Well that explains a lot! So now I just gotta smoke on the days when I don't need 100% focus the next day. (least until I get my tolerance up) Thanks a ton mate
  19. I bit the bullet and just kept smoking. It took me about a good 3 weeks to get rid of those hangovers. Things I did to ease the hangover a little to help me get through the next day was drink a gatorade before going to sleep the night you are smoking. Waking up drink a lot of water too. Eventually once my tolerance went up I had no need to do these things anymore.
    The only symptom I had left from the weed hangovers were long sleeps lol. Normally I only sleep 6-7 hours (I'm a morning person) but when I was on the dro I would get a good 9 hours of sleep if I had no alarm or anything. I wouldn't midn it though because I would wake up like a champ after those extra hours of sleep. It's not a bad can you blame the weed for relaxing your nerves and giving you delicious sleep haha.
    Good luck homie.

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