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Weed Hang-over Recovery Methods?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Hey, I smoke everyday like 4 or 5 times a day and every morning I pretty much hafto smoke because when I wake up I feel absolutely exhausted...which is fine for most days cause it lets me sleep in really comfortably, but I have school at 9:00am weekdays and I was wondering if there was something I could take that would....get rid of the hangover, and let me smoke more so I can get higher, lol.


    - I've heard drinking orange juice or something sweet can help bring you down....can you do the same to recover and then smoke more after?

    I'll be smoking a J waiting responses... ;)
  2. Red Bull!

    Or loads of caffeine usually does the trick
  3. really??? like 8 of those high caffeine drinks downstairs

    cept im high now... ;) lol
  4. lol, its cause im a weed abuser, not a user
  5. I've had a weed "hangover" before, but that was just cuz I smoked myself retarded the night before. Usually I just smoke a bowl. I dunno about any other ways.
  6. Lots of coffee appears to have the desired effect on me. Lots of coffee. Start with a pot. That should be a good beginning. Then drink more coffee. Go pee. Buy an espresso machine, a coffee grinder and some espresso beans. Make espresso. Drink lots of espresso. Go pee. Make another pot of coffee. Drink more coffee. Go ahead, drink! Go pee. Now sit and rest for a minute. You've got another pot of coffee to make.
  7. Hahahahaha WTF
  8. hahahhaaaaaa Mooger

    you seem to live your coffee,

    i'm sitting here waiting for the clock to i can go and get high and drunk.

    btw back to the topic...a weed hangover as such..just feeling really sleepy...just either smoke another bowl or just don't smoke for a few days and then your back to normal.

    then do it all again.
  9. Ive had weed hang overs also but thats when i smoked my self retarded as some one allready said.But now a days i dont get weed hang overs.
  10. Goody's powders will fix anything. Just take them with some water before you go to sleep and you're ready for anything the next day. Do the same if your drunk too! No hangover the next day...guaranteed!!!!! BC powders work too!!!

  11. I've never heard of them. Are these herbals? Where do you get them?
  12. Not herbals...They're powders in little wax paper envelopes and they contain 260mg of acetaminophen, 520 mg aspirin, and 32.5 mg of caffeine. You pour them on your tongue and wash them down with something. They're everywhere around here...drug stores, grocery stores, gas stations.
  13. I know what you mean about the weed "hangover" thing. I get them a lot. It's absolutely nothing like an alcohol hangover. It's not painful or debilitating, just kind of foggy or something. You can tell that things aren't quite normal. I usually only get it after smoking a lot of really good stuff, but since I'm staying in the Netherlands at the moment, that seems to be most every day for me. It's usually worse when I have to get up early or get less than 8 hours sleep. If I can sleep until I wake up on my own (like 10 hours or more), like on the weekends, I don't notice it at all. Coffee seems to help some, but isn't a total cure for me. I'll have to try the Goody's powder.

  14. hmm, sounds just like mine. exactly the same - its usually cause i hafta get up at 7:45 for college :(

    the hangover is for me a bit painful - nothing like as bad as alcohol, but i do sometimes feel a definite pressure in my head. Its obviously just what you get for getting too fucked up before bed. I get it especially bad if I smoke directly before sleep - my dreams are fucked up as shit and I usually wake up like 10 times in the night and then go back to sleep. Heres some debate for you: maybe the feeling felt in the morning is actually the feeling of being high...thats just lasted till morning? What if when you wake up you experience what being high on the remaining chemicals from weed do to you. LOL hope someone gets that, I smoked a J already.


  15. It's never really painful for me, and unlike an alcy hangover, I can still function more or less normally. Sometimes I do get a strange feeling in my legs though. Like a tired achy feeling. Anybody else get this? It's not all the time, just occasionally.

    Uh, you totally lost me on that one. But I do agree that it probably is just still being slightly stoned, possibly mixed with a little drowsiness from just waking up and possibly some dehydration too.
  16. yeh i was trying to say that when u smoke before bed the good chemicals are used up as u sleep and only a few wierd ones are left that make u feel that tired hangover etc. wierd :smoking::smoking:

  17. Oh Ok, I gotcha now. You could very well be right.

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