Weed hallucinations?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by exonmoble, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I defiantly cant honestly say i've visually "tripped" on weed. But i have certainly experienced room tilting and slight warping of objects along with hearing something and thinking it's something else.

    But what about you guys, ever hallucinated from weed?
  2. No. Never. And I've smoked some ass kickin' weed.

    If you are halucinating there is something else IN the weed, trust me.
  3. Pro tip: Lay down in a dark room w/ eyes closed.

    : Be gone. Cloud nine gone :
  4. I don't think I had ever hallucinated on weed until after I hallucinated by other means.
    ...but yeah, its not unusual at all for me to get some slight visuals from herb
  5. yeah some of my friends and i get them, and no one ever believes us. it's possible. just check wikipedia!
  6. I've gotten them but not in a while.
  7. I did back when I first started toking. It was crazy. I was stuck for maybe an hour or 2 in the zone where I am not sure if I am in reality or my mj induced world. I had posted here about them before but people basically did not believe me and said it was bullshit/smoking something else lol
    That being said they were all chronic on a person with barely any tolerance, taken via rather big bong rips and edibles. I don't get them anymore though. I kind of got close to my in space mode after a 2month Tbreak but did not have enough bud to push it to that level 11.
  8. i know several people who have hallucinated from weed, and it is possible there are psychoactive properties in marijuana, after my dables with psychedelics when ever i get really high i notice trippy effects
  9. sativas do that... try some durban.
  10. yeah i also heard once you do acid/a strong hallucinogenic, your future weed experiences will be a lot trippier.
  11. i've known people to make up completely ridiculous things they hallucinated that had me palm-facing. in those cases it's a cry for attention

    but to answer the question, no.


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